The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated August 16, 1863 from Martha Lydston (sister), Eliot, Maine, to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            Eliot Aug 16 [1863]

Dear Brother

                        I now seat myself
to answer your letter which I
received some time since I should
have answered it before but I have
had a good deal to do and  I
have had company  Mary and
Reuben and Emma and Abby
Haynes has been down and made
me a visit  I believe Abby Haynes
husband is in the same Regiment
that you are in  Elias Haynes is his name
we had a real nice time went
over to Collins down the river to
wood island down in the Navy
Yard and all round  I wish you
had been here to have gone with
us Willie is not on the yard


now but there is goin to be a lot
of work done there pretty soon so
the story goes  I have not had
a chance to have my picture
taken yet but as soon as I do I
will send you one  I shall have
it some time this fall is it very
sickly out there it is very sickly
here  thare was ten boys dead in
Portsmouth one day last week it
is owing to the hot weather we
are haveing  the hotest weather for
the season  Nettie has been sick
most all this week we had the
Doctor to her twice but she is
well to day and cross as a bear
a good sine you know.
Hersina is up Home  she has been
gave two weeks yesterday and
William has gone up to come
home with her they will come


back tomorrow  I have not
heard from Home since Mary
was down  they were all well then
I suppose you hear as often as I
do there is so many to write to
you  I hope you will be very careful
and take good care of yourself
if it is sickly there  I suppose
you will not have more than one
year longer to stay after you
get this letter  well that dont look
much like three I dont care how
quick time goes till the war
is over I did not mean to insult
you in my other letter  I hope
you will excuse me I dont
think of anything more to write
this time we all send our love
to you and hope to hear from
you soon  yours in haste
Martha F. Lydston


they have drafted for
this town 61 men
was drafted  willie was
lucky enough not to be one
of them Billy Paul was drafted
and Daniel Paul Stephens
boy they have not been
examined yet haint got
to be till next month
yours in love Martha