The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated June 28, 1863 from Lydia Lucinda Fletcher (mother), South Acton, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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South Acton June 28, 1863

Jones, I did not go meeting today and so I thought
I would write to you and Let you know that we are
well and hope these few Lines will find you all
right and hearty and well  if not, well take care
of yourself and not Let it go till you get clear
down sick  I had a Letter from Wheeler Last night
and he said you had this chronic diarrhea but
not bad he thought you would be better soon cant
you take something to help it if you can, do it
and not Let it go any Longer take the air and
change your diet wont that help it.
the soldiers came home a Friday and they did not
have a reception they came round and wanted
we should prepare for the soldiers Saturday
So I made doughnut, seed cakes and Loaf cake
so a Friday night they come so we had
no time at all they come and told us to
keep our grub and they had no
reception when they come home
nor any things they did not want a reception
they meant to surprise us.


Father is going to begin
haying in the new piece tomorrow
it is clover Father bought Jonathan
a new Scythe and snaith. I guess
now the grass will come down
Time cuts down all, both great and
Small we cant get any body to help
us so must do it ourselves they ask two
dollars a day and boarded that great
price Henry Bray get that down east.
Henry Bray and Lottie Brown have been
down East to his father to see how she likes.
they come home Last night Hepsa is
down to Wallace taking care of wife.
she is sick something ails her head.
I am taking care of turkeys 46.
my chickens die they don’t do much
35 chickens I am braiding straw,
feeding hogs, weeding garden and
doing all such work.  Jonathan
went a fishing a got a good mess.
two pickerel weight over a pound a piece.


we had a letter from Wealthy thursday
the children have got the measles they
wanted Hepsa till they get better
but she wont go till she has done at Wallace.
we have not had Letter from Swift but
twice since he has been there Kendall
Rand, Jo Robbin, George Jones, Warren
Fletcher are out there with him now
to work assabet, Littleton, South Acton,
West Acton are going to have pic nic
in houghton woods. I can see them
the 4th of July  Milo is first rate and
trias is well but I have to keep him
tied all the time or he wont come
home when he loose tell Mr. Wheeler
I shall answer his Letter soon as I
get time Jones take care of yourself
write as often as you can no more this
time Hepsa has been home and fetch
her Letter so she will write next time
this from Mother to Jones Fletcher.