The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated June 14, 1863 from Lydia Lucinda Fletcher (mother), South Acton, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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South Acton June 14 1863

Jones I thought I would write to you today
and Let you know that we are well and hope
these few lines will find you all right well
you wanted to know what I thought of that cavalry
raid in Mississippi I think it was a big thing
we had a Letter from Swift two weeks ago
he was well then he has work[ed] every Sunday
but one and half since he has been out there and
Joseph Robbins and Warren Fletcher,
Bill Clark, George Jones are going
out there to Swift for work he sent for
Jo [Jonathan] to come and work as second hand
but the others want work they start
tomorrow morning for Wilmington
Swift likes first rate we got your Letter 18 May
and your paper of 31 of May Gen Hooker
has crossed the rappahannock river again
and is fiteing now we shall hear from
him soon. I hope they will kill three or four
of the head ones and then they will
give out I think don’t you Jones


you wanted to know what cloth was
worth here 35 cents per yard now it has been
42 cents per yard it has got down some
you wanted Jonathan to write but
he don’t like to so I will write for him
he goes to Sabbath school this summer
they have a nice Library he Like
to read   Bill Clark and James Dow
have just been here and say give my
regards to him and tell him we got
home all right  George Jones and
Charles Blood say no place like
old Massachusetts yet and I guest
they are all glad to get home that
I have seen they have had enough
of war but they are Liable to be
drafted any of the nine month men
may have to go  James Monroe
has got home Charles Moulton
they don’t think will Live to see
snow fly this winter he can
walk out doors and that is all.


Hiram Haynes of Sudbury to
Mary Chaplain of So Acton. He is
25 years older than Mary they were
married Last Thursday and they live in
Sudbury. Mr. Joel Conant is dead and
Capt Boss [Capt. Robert P. Boss] They were both buried in one day.
I have got 41 turkeys and 59 chickens
we have planted two acres of corn and many
potatoes as we had Last year our grass and
other things look well only late your apple
tree blossom the prettiest of any on the place
I saw strawberries today for the first [time] this
year don’t stay there any Longer than
your time is out for the Longer you
stay the worse it will be for you
you will be more sickly and it wont
suit you so well don’t stay don’t enlist
come home in 16 months more Jones
tell Mr. Wheeler that I answer his
Letter sometime ago and sent Mary
Photograph in the Letter. I think
he will get it this from Mother.