The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated June 7, 1863, from Hepsabeth A. Piper (aunt) to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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South Acton   June 7th 1863

My Dear
Nephew    Well Jones How do you
do. I gest you begin to think that I have
forgoten you by this time. But I have not
so I thought I would set down and write
something to you.  I dont expect to write
much news for your folks write to you so
often that they write all the news that thay
can find. Well Jones our nine months men
have got home and I wish that your
companys time was out two, for I do want
to see you and Silas [Blodgett?] and all the rest of
them. I expect we all shall have to turn
out before the War is over with. Now thay
are going to draff soon. Moses Taylor has
been all around hear in town to git
there names from 20 to 35 years old.
Well Jones you have that to think off. you
are on your last half. It semes a great
while since I have seen you and Silas


But I spose it dose not seem so long to
you for time pass away fast with us all.
Edwin F. time is most out with us then
he talks of going to Boston to live. he will
be twenty one in Augest; he went and live
to Mr Isaac Barkers last winter and staid
three months.  he made up his mind that he
would not go to school any way. And so we
let him go. but I gest he got enough of it for
he did not like very well. he thought there was
to menny Marsters for him. he was glad to git
back again. Edwin sends his best love to you.
Tuesday Afternoon I wish I could jest step in and
see you and Silas and get some oranges. I
think they would tast good with you and Silas.
How do you like your New business to be a Doctor
Silas wright that you have got a good place  I
am glad if you have  I expect when you git
home you will have to buy Peter Tenny old
horse and gig and ride all around to
see all the old woman and thay will talk
to you. or the young ladies if you had rather
go and see them  I dont care wich you do


but stop Jones I must tell you to git
your life insured before your start. Uncle Jonath
an sends his best love to you and Silas and Capt
and said he should like to see you all
you tell Silas that I said that his Annah
is as spry as a cat and as pretty as ever and
I think he would like to see her. she is well
and I expect you will find a lady out there
you look out for a good one. for I dont want
you to git cheated Jones. for I should rather
have your dog then to have a she Devil. ha. ha.
Your Fathers folks are all well. Hepsy is a great
girl. she is as fat as a pig. I spose she is looking
out for her fellow to come home he will be to home
soon. you Mother, she is look out for Hersina
and Martha  thay talk of coming this month.
I had a letter frome Mary Mead a short time
ago they wear all well. thay live to the same place
And one from James he is well he sent his
Photograph he looks first rate. he likes his business
first rate  he is off to Fort Monroe in the Post
Office Department  I hope he will do well. I have
had one letter from Swiff since he has been


on the Rail Road he was struck when
he got a letter from me poor thing
Not much news only there is the old folks
consert in Mr Tuttle Hall to Night 15 cents
They are building a new Hotell and a shoe
shop and a town house thay look up very
nice in the Middle town but I was sory to
lose the old Meeting house where I have had so
menny good time. but it is all gone.  Mother
Piper has gone to Ashby to see Jerusha  she was
going to stay two or three weeks  she is as smart as
she was last time you saw her. And I hope she
will live to see you all come home again.  Old Mr
Joel Conant is dead and Mr Boss thay were
berried last week. Well Jones I must stop for it
is time to git supper for I have got work folks
Moses Hayward is shinging the house for us.
you must take good care of yourself and be a good boy
give my love to Silas and you keep a good share for
yourself. Jones did you go and see Warren Knight
when he was sick in the Hospital he has gone to his long
home. Well I must draw to a close by wich you good
night you write to me when you git time I write to
you and uncle Jonathan write to Silas  this from your
old Aunt Het Piper