The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated July 1, 1863 from Eliza Sprage (sister), Lowell, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            Lowell July 1st 1863

Dear Brother Jones
I received your last
letter mailed April 27 have delayed answer-
ing it thinking perhaps I might get some
tidings from that money have about
given it up  I think that the Capt
knows something a bout it. Mr. Stickney
is going to Washington will take the
allotment roll with him and see
how they compare with theirs. He
has been thinking a bout going
some time, has not gone yet.
If nothing happens to prevent
I shall go to Acton next week
to stop a few days, and go to
see Wealtha. I anticipate a good
time hope I shall not be disappointed.


[p. 2]
I suppose you have heard a bout
General Butler getting defeated
here in Lowell he let out a job of
diging a drain to a Mr. Richardson.
he hired a Mr. Russell to do the Mason
work. Mr. Butler went down to see it,
it did not suit him he kicked
it down. Mr. R- laid it over. Mr. B-
kicked it down a gain and struck
him in the face, nocked a piece of
skin off his nose then Mr. Russell
says you are not commanding
New Orleans, knocked him down
and held him until he beged
for to be let a lone and he would
apologise so that ended the row
It has made some fun for the
citizens here. So much for Gen B.
General Hooker has resigned. it was
excepted. He is ordered to report to
Baltimore Meade is to take
his place what a time


[p. 3]
The Sixth Regiment have returned
again they called a meeting to
see how many would reenlist there
was three in one company six in an
other I don’t think any of them
want to go back not to blame either
but the way some of them have
come home is sorrowing to their
friends those that was good men
before they went a way they
drink and carry on terably
they had better let Slavery alone
and try to enforce the Maine
liquor law a much worse end
than Slavery in my way of
thinking  I don’t want you to
think by that, that I am not truly
Loyal for I am and want our
Union restored again and I
think that can and should be
done and then talk a bout
Slavery if they want to


[p. 4]
I have not heard from
any of the Sisteren for a long
time. Suppose they are all well or should
have heard nothing new in particular
to write hope to hear from you soon
was very glad to hear of your good
luck and nice presents give my love
to those friends should like to make
their acquaintance it is about the
fourth no celebration e are well
hope this will find you the same.
you are now on the last half of
your time  it will soon pass away
then we will join in a celebration
when you get home hardly think
I should know you you have
grown so fleshy. Mary thinks
you will have to gain a few
pounds more to get up with her.
Murray unites in sending
love to you hoping to hear from
you soon I remain your Sister
Eliza Sprague