The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated December 21, 1862, from Wealthy Gates (sister), Shrewsbury, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            Shrewsbury Dec 21st 1862

My Dear Brother
I received your letter
in due time we was very glad to
hear from you  we are all well and
hope you are the same  I was very
much pleased with that photograph
I think it looks first rate and think
it looks more natural than the
other one that you sent me that
I thought was a good one
Hepsey is here yet but she is a going
home soon  she thinks she shall be
at home new years day  she says
to direct her next letter to
So Acton  she says she is not


[p. 2]
agoing to answer your letter
until she gets home for she thinks
there is not paper enough in this
town to answer so big a letter
I dont know but you will have a
letter from Eldora Foster Hartwell
Fosters girl  she said the other day
that she was agoing to write to
you and I told her how to direct
the letters so you may get one from
her,       we are haveing some cold
weather here now dont suppose you
have very cold days do you
the ground is bare and frozen and
dreadful rough have not had
any good sleighing yet but guess
we shall soon   they have had
a battle at Fredricksburg  I suppose
you will hear of it before you
get this  I suppose the sixth reg-
were engaged in it as I see by the
papers that two of the sixth were


[p. 3]
killed and five wounded
dont know who they are
you told us your bill of fare for
thanksgiving we did not make any
this year  it did not seem any
like thanksgiving  it seemed more
like Sunday  had some roast pork
and squash that would be a feast
for you I suppose  I wish you
was here  we would have something
that you would like and a good
time with it  I dont get any
news to write to you  I suppose
you hear from home often do
you hear from the girls down
east  I have not had a letter from
them this long time but I hope
they write to you do Hersinas boys
write to you  I dont think of any
thing more this time write as soon
as you can accept this with much
love and the best of wishes from W and
N Gates