The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated January 4, 1863, from William A. Lydston (brother-inlaw), Eliot, Maine, to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            Eliot Jan 4th  /63

Dear Brother
we received your letter
a few days sinc and was
very glad to hear from you
and that you was well we
are all well and kicking
how do you like to have
Buttler go do you think you
shall like Bancks  I hope
he will let you stay wheir
you are  now you like so
well  how does them darkes
feel about old Abes emancipation
proclimation  I expect they feel
bigger than ever now  I gess that
wont amount to much any
how they have been haveing
great times in Boston and
other places  the abolitions fireing
guns and making a great fuss


about the niggers  they think
more about them than they do
of the soilders.
their was one of the soilders
that went from here died
and was sent home and
burried under arms his
name was Tuttle  he lived
pretty near to us in that
little house down towards the
river you have seen him I gess
I am at work on
the yard yet they are doeing
concidable their this winter
launched a side wheel steamer
the other day and are gowing
to build another like her and
a small propeler gun boat
and are makeing a moddle
for a big frigate over four hun
dred feet long whether they will
build her or not I dont know
but that is the talk now


Martha is writeing to Swift
she says he thinks you must
be gowing to have a baby you
are so fat  we all went
scating last night Martha
scatted round the pond once
but it took two to hold
her up  it has been real
warm for three or four days
it seames more like may
than January but I expect we
shall have something to pay
us for it before long
I am in hopes that this
war will soon end so you
and Swift can come home
I expect you both have got
sick of it if you have not
I have.  I cant write any more
this time but am in hopes to
hear from you again soon
Wm A Lydston


inclosed is a letter from
Eliza she wished us to send
you when we wrote from the
6 regiment we all send a big
lump of love  Nettie is goin to
finish it  Martha will write soon

            Nettie C Lydston
South Eliot

[note: letter from Eliza not found]