The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated December 20, 1862 from Eliza Sprague (sister), Lowell, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            Lowell Dec 20th 1862

Dear Brother Jones
As I have another
chance thought I would send you
a few more aples there is not
much that I can send that will
keep, it is about Christmas &
New year a gain should like
to know how you spending yours
I wish you a merry and happy
one. have you got the shirts
and boots yet? I have not heard
yet but hope there is a letter on
the way saying they are all right.
Mr. Nahum Whitcomb of the
Acton company but belonging
Littleton died at Suffolk of
fever is going to be buried


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tomorrow he married Murrays
youngest sister we are going
to the funeral he leaves a wife
and babe the body was
embalmed and sent home.
we are all well have not
any news in particular
to write they have had a
dreadful battle at Fredricksburg.
will send you the paper and
you can read for your self
people are rather discouraged
here since the battle.
will send you some
more letters from the
Sixth should have had more
but I sent one to Martha and
one to Mary told them to
be shure and send them
to you one was about their
thanksgiving they had a box
sent from Acton you have


[p. 3]
probably heard of it before
this Mother stuffed and roasted
a turkey sent a loaf of bread and
some pickles wish we could
sent you a thanksgiving
it is a very cold day the frost
has not been off of my windows
so I could see out to day.
you will see by these letters
that the Sixth has had something
to do since they last went out
I saw a death in the paper
this week and I expect that
it is Eben Jones wife it read
wife of E.W.  Jones of Charlestown.
it was the street that they lived
on and her age cant think
of anything more. Murray
unites in sending love.
hoping this will find you
well I remain your
affectionate sister Eliza Sprague


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Monday Morn it was so cold that
we did not go to the funeral. It
is trying to snow but it is so cold
that it cannot. The ground is just covered.
No sleighing. Had some two weeks ago.

Will close by wishing you a Merry Christmas
and happy New Year.   E