The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated November 27, 1862 from Lydia Lucinda Fletcher (mother), South Acton, to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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South Acton Nov 27 1862

It is thanksgiving today and I wish you had been here to take
thanksgiving with us nobody here but Reuben and Mary and Emma.
Jonathan went off in the morning and came home sick with the
headache you know he has that often he will go to School on Monday
we are all well and hope you are the same.  Sally Bright is dead.
I have got a stove second handed. It is large one and we Live in
the front room only three us Swift wood is sold to the railroad
for 4.25 per cord and father is teaming it under the shed
where Swift work they measured it one hundred and six cords
we have got all our work done but one load of corn to husk we have
got l.33 basket husk and good corn too  Bennet has gone to
Fitchburg to work for Horace Hayward he has sold out on dogs
John Brown had gun the Last I knew of his Bennet swop his
for Driver and five dollars to boot and now sold out we did not have
have many apples this year 77 barrels of winter apples and two Loads
of cider apples they don’t fetch much but 80 cents a barrel Nelson
pays.  Swift Let his Ledge be just as it was when you was there
only took the derrick and tools home I guess he did not make
much on stone and hire so much help. Morrill has gone out with
Six Regiment and Bill Durgin has gone with Col Faulkner to
chopping on his Lot in Delaware.  Jonathan has caught two partridge
and two rabbits.  He did not set but 8 snare front of the House he had
so much to do I have had work all this fall, as much as I
could do of drawers at 5 cents a pair.  I could make four pair a
day easy and do my work but we are not going to have any
more, but overall now seven cents a pair 23 pairs I have got
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John Blood was twenty six day a coming home from New Orlean
a gale took them off and they had a bad passage but John eat to
many apples and made him sick he did not come up here with
the box but Left it at the store and Father got it that day
and fetch it home I was glad of the things that butler knife was
a Little rusty but I scour it off it had not eat in any and that
fork is all the fashion. paper, pens, needles and all the things
came safe and sound  Jonathan was pleased with his things he
wont write till next time for he is a bed  we did not have four quarts
of cranberry this fall.  I have had four dogs this year to take care of
Milo, trias, Butler, Pilot. trias went a hunting Last Saturday
and has not got home yet he was up in Stow, John Forbush see
a black hound close to a fox if he had his gun with him he
could have shot him he had his collar on with Swift name on it
South Acton Mass No 54 we shall find [him] we think soon
Father in inquiring for him every day he say he shall find him.
I had a letter from Hepsa and Wealthy they was well and
she is no hurry [to come] home uncle Tilly Robbins’ folk are well.
Aunt Hepsa was here Last week she was pleased with that
Letter you sent her she was well.  I sent Swift  out a turkey,
stuff[ed] and roasted and Loaf of brown bread and some pickles.
In with the rest of the folk, they got a box up and fill it with
cake, pies, turkeys and Chicken, it cost sixteen dollars,
for to send it for thanksgiving and I wish I could send
you a box of thanksgiving but I cant it so far
send on your Letters. I can read them first rate. 
I thank you for that box I have put that shoes and some other
things in your trunk for you and Lock it up and I
Save them for you Jones when you come home.           Mother