Patriotic envelope from the collection of the Acton Historical Society

United States Naval Service

Some of the men with Acton connections were in the U. S.  Navy for all or part of their wartime service. For the most part they were engaged in blockading Southern ports or bombarding Confederate fortifications.

William H. Boss served on the Tunxis, and the Glaucus.
Wellington Chickering served on the Ohio, Housatonic, Princeton, Niagrara, and North Carolina
Daniel Cronin served on the Ohio and the Chocura.
Otto Geers served on the Fort Henry and the Nita.
Harry F. Gibbs served on the Ohio, Princess Royal, and Bermuda.
Oscar W. Jenkins served on Recg. Ship Ohio, U.S.S. Marion, Colorado, Penguin, and Nightingale
Charles B. Jenness served on the Ohio, South Carolina, and J.L. Davis
Chester Johnson served on the Ohio, South Carolina and Niagara
John A. Johnson served on the Ohio, Mississippi and De Soto
Jones, John served on the Ohio, South Carolina, Niagara, and Rhode Island
John Kenney (alias John Barker) served on the North Carolina and U.S.S. Roanoke
James R. Lawrence served on the Ohio, Housatanic, and the George Mangham.
Dr. Charles Little Assistant Surgeon
John Meehan served on the Ohio
Charles P. Porter served on the Ohio, Massachusetts and Conemaugh
William Priest served on the Powhatan.
Luke Robbins served on the Ohio and the Seminole.
Sumner Rogers served on the Ohio, Niphon, North Carolina, Glide, Potomac, and Vermont.
Benjamin F. Shattuck served on the Katahdin
Charles Stagg served on the Colorado and the North Carolina.
Robert J. Tufts served on the Ohio, North Carolina, Pensacola, Valley City, and Fernandina
Eben F. Wood served on the Ohio and the Shokokon.


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