The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated April 23, 1865 from Lydia Lucinda Fletcher (mother), South Acton, to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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South Acton April 23 1865
Sunday I did not go to meeting
Eliza is here and she did not want
to go so I stayed at home with her
we are all well and I hope you
are well I got your letter and
was glad to hear from you and
we think the war is almost over
don’t you your father thinks you
will be to home to help him haying
if not before winter set in I am sorry
they killed the president for I think you
will have to stay longer it wont be
settled so soon don’t you think so
I have got your overcoat and blanket
and Charles Morse overcoat and his blanket
and I hope you will get some more
blankets if the war ends they will
sell them cheap they are good things
for to sleep under Jones for I have
sleep under one all winter and I
like them much better than sheets


[p. 2]
Hepsa has gone to Lowell to stay
till September and then she is coming
home and going down Hersina and
Martha to stay a spell this fall
there is going to be a writing school
next Wednesday night and Jonathan
wants to go and I think he will one
dollar and twenty five for twelve nights
and then he will write to you
I wish you could see my pig father
was offered 15 dollars for it and he would
not take it he is a nice one I tell you
Darn old turkey has not laid an Egg
yet I will cut her head of at thanksgiving
if you come home with that picture
you thought I gues well so do I when
folks go to Marlboro every night for a week
I wish you was to home to go again for
a week if you want to I don’t care
I have not heard a word about
her any way for I have not seen any
of the Marlboro folks to tell me any
thing about her Jones


[p 3]
Do as you are a mind to for all
any body say and have some of
Your own mind and not hear to other
folks you have got to choose for
your self and not for others Jones
Eliza say she will write to you
when she get home to Lowell she
expect her husband the last of
May or first of June and Mary
has been here today and she is a
going to write to you all the news
I can’t write much more this time
for to night for I have not much
news to write much Love to you
Jones this from Mother
write often and I hope peace will
come quick so you can come home
and I not have to write for I
hate to you guess it out some
blunders and you must excuse
them Jones for I am in a hurry
Aaron Jones Fletcher