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Letter dated January 22, 1865 from Hepsabeth Augusta Fletcher (sister), South Acton, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            South Acton Jan 22nd/65

            Sunday Noon
My Dear Brother
I received a big bulky
letter from you last night and one
from Charles Morse  I have answered
his now I will answer yours is not
he the one you gave cousin Nellie & I
an introduction to at the Marlboro
Depot and what kind of a Gentleman
is he he wrote me a nice Letter any
how but if he writes so as to get
my letters to make fun of he wont
get any more but there is two or three
Girls around here that correspond and
do not know they Soldiers real names
but Charley signed his name if he wishes
to write to me as a “Friend” he can do
so but nothing but “Friendship” with me
Betsy is writing to Joseph Ferren in a
NH Reg but the poor fellow made a mistake


the first letter she had he signed his
name Joseph E. Green and the next
it was Joseph E Ferren and  Mary Rand
writes to Ezkel Grimes of E 26th Reg and
she wanted me to write and ask you
who he was and his real name but
I wont answer any letter with a false
name for I have Friends enough to
write to has not Charley any Sisters to write
to him if he has not many Friends I
will write to him but not if he aint
a good fellow!  Bettie Brown works at
the Pencil Shop and “she goes to the Danceing
School in Stowe with Alvin Tuttle” Frank
Tuttle Son  There was a Fair at Assabett last
Wednesday Evening  Daniel Farrer went with
Cousin Sarsai Fletcher “he is courting her right
up to the handle” they have two Dances at
the West one and a Fair at the center and
they are a going to have one and a Levee
at the South soon  I never knew so many
Dances Levees and Fairs etc as there is this
winter  I have not been to one yet and I shant go


Mr Zoeth Taylor is dead he was buried
one week ago last Tuesday  Mrs Jackman
at Factory Villiage has buried her twin
babies I went down there and staid one
week and then she was sick and stayed
another so I was there two weeks  I dont
expect Mary will like it by what she said
she dont like Mrs Jackman and she
was mad because I did she may have
sickness and death in her family and
she may like to have some one to lend
her a helping hand but she wont get
me if she aint careful what she says
she does not treat me as the rest of
my sisters do I think Mrs Jackman
is a nice woman and if Mary would treat
me half as well as she did it is all I ask
Mary dont treat me deasent she need not
Lock her door and go a way when she saw
me comeing  she has been to Boston and is
doctoring for her eyes  Reuben has been sick
I guess he was not very sick for he did not
loose but a few days work  Rueben just speaks


to me and that is all what they got
mad at was because I would not come down
there and keep house when Mary went to
Boston  she was not intending to stop but one
night but when she got there she stoped three
and then to think I went to accomodate
Jackman and would not her but Jackmans
case was very different from what hers was
if we are not willing to help others in sorow
and trouble we can not expect them to help us
Charles Brooks arived yesterday morning and it was
reported that you and John Haynes was comeing
with him it will be sad for him to see his
Mother so feble  she does not have the use of one
side it is dead they dont think she can live
if she does she can never have the use of one
side I should  ruther die I think  she has got
so she can talk some now you cant understand
all she says  Eliza has been at Home but yesterday
morning she went to Marlboro Newell & Wealtha are
agoin to meet her and Aunt Lyjre’s to day she dont
expect Harry Home untill May  if you come North
this winter you will freeze to death for it is awfull
cold we have had splendid sleighing all winter
Father wants me to ask you if you have heard anything
from [George] Flood or [George W.] Sawyer & Brown those that were taken prisoners
Russell Hayward the [illegible]” has gorn with the Pencil business
here in South Acton I think the place will flourish now
Uncle Tilly & John Temple are cuting off the pines it will
be ever so much pleasanter when they are down  have
you seen George Jones he is at Winchester in Co [?] 35th Regt
Laura had a Letter and she thought it was from him
he said he had seen her picture and she supposed you
showed it to her I should like to see him  we used to have
such gay times at School I have got my paper most full Father &
Mother have gorn down to Uncle Marshalls old Sarah Skiner
& Truman Puffer are dead  no more this time much love
from you sister   Augusta Fletcher


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Mother has three bunches of envelopes and one
dollars worth of stamps and four quires of paper for you when
she has a chance to send them


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a conrundrum   Why is the Town of Stowe like a Ladys bustle
Because it is above the Assabett “ass-a-bit”