The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated January 15, 1865 from Jennie E. Willis, Assabet, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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   Assabet  Jan 15th 1865

Dear Friend Johnie
I received your welcome letter
this evening And you had better believe that I
was astonished to hear from one that I thought had
forgotten me But was happily disappointed
How a short time will change a person some-
times. only think, last spring I was what every
one called a little flirt and now I am married
but I shant say that I have given up all my
good times. Father says all girls get steady
after they are married But he says I am wilder
than ever: Mary Boyle and I have had a
great many disputes about you
She says I was crazy about you and could
not make or raise Noise Johnie you know that
I did not try and she did and succeeded


I was very sorry to hear how the 26th Regt
had suffered some time ago But I hope you
will not have to suffer so much again
Dear Friend. I hope God will see fit to
spare you and that you may be permitted to
return to your Loving parents and Friends
Dont you think Henry Brown was smart
while he was home.  He has got a real nice
wife. She and I have gay times talking.
Why didn’t you write when you
got back to New Orleans.  I think I hear you
saying. Because I didn’t feel like it. Ahem
Now Johnie dont you think I am very
good.  I stayed from singing school to night
on purpose to answer your letter: So you must
excuse me if I write you a long letter.
But I don’t believe a soldier should say a
word if a letter was long enough to reach to
Dixie But I am afraid you will get tired
reading my letters for they are not interesting
enough for your style. They had a Ball here
the 30th of Dec. I had a splendid time.
I do wish you had been there. But never


mind, there is a good time comeing
There will be a Levee here the 18th of this
month. I am going. When I write again I
will tell you all about it.
It has been splendid ska-
teing for a few days and you had better
believe that I improved all the time I [torn page]
in skateing last night  Mary was on the
pond so was Johnie Flood and his sister
and lots more that you dont know
Tell Henry Brown that his Wife has
got her hair shingled: But tell him not to
let her know how he heard of it
My Husband is going out west next
month to be gone a year.  So you see I will
almost be a war widow: Most every body
thinks that Peace will be declared in a
very short time. I realy hope it will, and
I guess the soldiers wouldn’t object to
take their discharge papers.
Well Johnie I will bring this letter
to a close. Hopeing you will send your
photograph in your next letter. Good night


from your True Friend
Jennie E. Willis

N.B.  Johnie Wouldhouse is courting
in real earnest since he came home.
his girls name is Lizzie Adams