The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated April 23, 1864 from Mary Hayward (sister), Concord, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            Concord, April 23  [1864]

My Dear Brother         I now  seat
my self to Answer your letter have
been to Acton to meeting and am
very tired  went home at noon
the folks are all well  Farther
sayes he thinks you will bee
at home to help him get
his hay and I hope you will
Elisa is at home expect her
Here to Night Hepsy has gorn
To live with Wealtha this summer
have not much news to write
some times my pen will make
a mark and some of the time
it wont but it is the best
the house affords  have not
heard from Swift since
he was at home have
you I wish it mite bee
you or him to catch booth


[p. 2]
and get all that money
you would not have to
work any more Reuben
has let him self for six
months in the pencil shop
Joney I do not know how[who]
has been writing to you I am
shure  I was not sick at the
time you was at home but
had such sore eys that
it was imposable for me
to have come I had a poltic [poltice]
on both eys for as much as a
weak after you went back
Jony I don’t get much
Sympathy as it is only sore
eys but I shold pitty a dog that
had to suffer that I have
I may not alwase have
to suffer as I have for the
six months


[p. 3]
I was as much disapointed
as you cold have ben in
not seeing you again
you said that you heard
Emma was in the Mill
it is a mistake she is
at school and will bee
this good while I hope we are
not so poor as that I hope
you wrote as if I had bloed [blowed up]
a bout your not coming to
see me any more than you
did but if you heard so it
was not true  I mite have
said I did not see you
much or some thing like that
but nothing more  I thought
I got the bloiing up in your
letter but we wont say any
more about it
one of my eys is so sore that
I cant see to write much more
to night


[p. 4]
Elisa is here she sends her
love to you says She is wandering
around yet she received your
letter and will answer it
when she gets back to Lowell
we all send our love and
hope to see you soon  good Night
Mary Hayward