The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated February 28, 1864 from Lydia Lucinda Fletcher (mother), South Acton, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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                         South Acton Feb 28 1864

I commence to write to you again
hoping I shall see you soon again
we are all well and hope these few
Lines will find you well and
hearty  I had a Letter from Wealthy
they are well and Letter from hepsa
and they are all well down East
and Hersina Boys are all at home
this winter and Hepsa is down
there and they are having good
times  I suppose Jonathan
School finish Last week and now
Jonathan can help Father get up wood
we have got up amoust enough for
Summer use   we have got a pig we
paid seven dollars for him  he’s is
a good one  pigs are high here
so we thought we would not get but
one and get a spring pig if we want


[p. 2]
Henry Dwelly went a hunting
foxes yesterday and caught a foxes up
at Nagog ponds hills  the first fox this
winter that we heard off and trias was
with them thurstin Law says so trias goes
off and come home from hunting the
same as Milo does and we don’t keep
him tied any [more] now  he has not been
Loose for a year till the first of Feb
and now he goes off and stay two or
three days hunting and then come
home and bellow at the door to have
us Let him in  Father say that trias
is a first rate dog now and as for
fishing I have not heard of anybody
going this winter but once
John Blood is going to be married
to Emma Robbins, Mrs. Veasey sister
and Live with old Simon Tuttle
in his house and help him


[p. 3]
Henry Piper is dead. He died
Last week he has been sick a year
in consumption aged 24 years.
Elias Haynes is at Long island with his
wife she went Last week to stay with him
Jones if you have enlisted and you have a
furlough to come home I shall save
some apples for you when you come
if they will keep for you  I have been
a Looking for a Letter this week
Jones Freeman Puffer has gone into
the chancery they say he has not
got enough to 25 cents on a dollar
his place is going to sold next
month   we have had no snow yet
but ice and mud you had orter
been here this winter and your
feet would not have froze
No more this time Jones
this from Mother