Eighth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Militia (Infantry)


Acton men who served in the 8th Massachusetts Volunteer Militia:

Charles H. Badger, 100 days, Co. E

Samuel A. Guilford, 9 months, Co. I


Regimental history from Massachusetts Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines in the Civil War, compiled and published by the Adjutant General:

Eighth Regiment, Three Months

The 8th Regt. Mass. Vol. Mil., "Minute Men," was called to Boston by Special Order No. 14, issued on the afternoon of April 15, 1861, by the Adjutant General of Massachusetts. Having only eight companies, one company was added from the 7th Regt., a Salem unit, and one from Pittsfield, taken from the 1st Battalion of Infantry. Leaving the State April 18, it proceeded to Annapolis, Md., on its way to the national capital. At Annapolis two companies were placed on the frigate CONSTITUTION, guarding her until she was safely removed to the harbor of New York. Another company was detached to do guard duty at Fort McHenry near Baltimore, Md. The remainder of the regiment, after repairing the road-bed from Annapolis to Annapolis Junction and restoring the rolling stock of the railroad, proceeded to Washington, arriving April 26. Not until April 30 were the men mustered into the service of the United States. On May 11 the regiment was ordered into camp at the Relay House, Md. Here Col. Munroe resigned on account of age and ill health, and was succeeded by Col. Edward W. Hinks, an officer destined to attain high rank before the war was done. On July 2d the entire regiment was ordered to Baltimore, Md., the left wing arriving in the morning and the right wing in the evening of the following day. On July 29 it was ordered to Boston, Mass., and here on August 1, 1861, it was mustered out of the service.


Eighth Regiment, Nine Months

Under the call of August 4, 1862, for 300,000 militia to serve nine months, 19,080 being assigned to the quota of Massachusetts, the 8th Regt. again volunteered for duty, thus helping to obviate the necessity of resorting to the draft. Its rendezvous was Camp Lander, Wenham, Mass., where it was recruited up to war strength. Most of its companies were mustered in between September 15 and October 1, but Company H was not ready for muster until October 30. On November 25, 1862, the regiment left the State for North Carolina, where it was assigned to the 2d Brigade of General Foster's Division, encamping on the Fair Grounds at Newbern. On the 9th of December the regiment was detached to do guard duty at Newbern while the rest of the brigade went on the Goldsboro expedition. Early in December two companies were detached from the regiment to do guard duty at Roanoke Island, and two months later two more companies were sent to the same place. Meanwhile two companies were assigned to duty at Fort Totten, one of the defenses of Newbern. The four remaining companies were in the expedition to relieve Washington, N. C., proceeding as far as Blount's Creek, where they were engaged with slight loss April 9.

     On June 28 the regiment was ordered to Boston for muster out, but on reaching Baltimore, Md., July 1, it was detained, and on the 6th was sent to Maryland Heights near Harper's Ferry, arriving July 7, and occupying Fort Duncan. On July 13 it joined the Army of the Potomac in front of Williamsport, making a forced march of 25 miles in 16 hours. On the 26th, after Lee's army had retired across the Potomac into Virginia, the regiment was ordered to Massachusetts, reaching Boston July 29, and being mustered out of the service August 7.
Eighth Regiment, One Hundred Days

In July, 1864, the 8th Regt. began its third term of service, its companies being mustered into the service on various dates between the 13th and 21st of the month for one hundred days. Some of the nine months companies do not appear in the regiment as then organized, their places being filled by companies from the westerly part of the State. The regiment rendezvoused at Camp Meigs, Readville, Mass., proceeding from there to Baltimore, Md. In the vicinity of this city most of the service of the regiment was performed. Portions of the regiment did guard duty in Baltimore. Four companies were stationed at Camp Bradford, the draft rendezvous of Maryland and Delaware. One detachment guarded the line of the Northern Central railroad. The headquarters of the regiment were at Cockeysville about 15 miles north of Baltimore. Returning to Massachusetts early in November, 1864, on the 10th of the month the regiment was mustered out of the United States service for the last time.


Regimental history from A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion, by Frederick Dyer:

Eighth Regiment, Three 3 Months

One of the first four Regiments to respond to the call after opening of hostilities. Gathered at Boston April 16, 1861. Left State for Washington April 18. Moved from Philadelphia to Annapolis, Md., via Perryville, April 20-21; thence march to Washington, D.C., April 24-26, and duty there until May 15. At Relay House until July 29. Moved to Boston July 29-30, and mustered out August 1, 1861.

Eighth Regiment, Nine Months

Organized at Camp Lander, Wenham. Moved to Boston November 25, 1862; thence on steamer "Mississippi" to Morehead City, N. C., November 25-30, and to New Berne November 30. Attached to 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, Dept. of North Carolina, to December, 1862. Heckman's Brigade, Dept. of North Carolina, to January, 1863. 2nd Brigade, 5th Division, 18th Army Corps, Dept. of North Carolina, to April, 1863. Jourdan's Independent Brigade, Defences of New Berne, N. C., to June, 1863. 8th Army Corps, Middle Department, to July, 1863.

SERVICE.--Garrison duty at New Berne until June, 1863. (Cos. "A" and "E" detached as garrison at Roanoke Island, N. C., December 4, 1862, to July 12, 1863.) Companies "G" and "K" garrison Fort Totten until June 24, 1863. Expedition up Currituck Sound against guerrillas and to destroy Salt Works February 1-6, 1863. Companies "B" and "F" detached February 7 for garrison duty at Roanoke Island. Company "B" ordered to Elizabeth City February 10, and duty there until April 16, when rejoined Regiment. Reconnoissance toward Trenton March 16-17. Expedition to relief of Washington April 7-10. Reconnoissance toward Kinston April 16-21. Duty in the Defences of New Berne, at Fort Totten. Camp Coffin, Fort Thompson and Camp Jourdan until June 24. Moved to Fortress Monroe June 24-27, thence to Baltimore, Md., June 30-July 1. At Camp Bradford until July 6. Moved to Monocacy Junction, thence to Sandy Hook and Maryland Heights July 6-8. Moved to reinforce Army of the Potomac at Funkstown, Md., July 12-13. Movements to Rappahannock July 16-22. Ordered home July 26 and mustered out August 7, 1863.

Lost 11 Enlisted men by disease.

Eighth Regiment, One Hundred Days

Organized at Readville July 13 to 26, 1864. Left State for Baltimore, Md., July 20. Attached to 3rd Separate Brigade, 9th Army Corps, Middle Department.

SERVICE.--Camp at Mankin's Woods until August 15. Company "B" on duty at hospitals August 12 to October 28. Companies "A" to "K" on Provost duty in Baltimore August 12 to October 28. Companies "D," "E," "G" and "H" at Camp Bradford, near Baltimore. Draft Rendezvous for Maryland and Delaware August 12 to October 28. Companies "C," "F" and "I" guard Northern Central Railroad. Headquarters at Cockeyville, Md., August 15 to September 25, then at Camp Bradford. Moved to Massachusetts October 28, and mustered out November 10, 1864.

Lost by disease 4 Enlisted men.