Civil War Records of Leonard P. Wellington


Co. Regiment / Ship From To Residence/ Credit Occupation Notes
K 6th NHVI enl. Nov. 1, 1861; must. Nov. 28, 1861; wounded Aug. 29, 1862, Bull Run, Va. disch. disabled Feb. 23, 1863 Ringe, NH   age 45; born Rindge; P.O. ad. Sharon
Revised Register of the Soldiers and Sailors of New Hampshire in the War of the Rebellion, 1:343,

Service Record (select pages from the National Archives): x
Service Ledger (Town of Acton): x


Co. Regiment Date Filed Type App. No. Cert. No. State Beneficiary/Remarks
K 6th NHVI March 2, 1868 Invalid 12 382 57 888    
Feb. 15, 1892 Widow 540 736 351 864 N.H. Belinda J. Wellington

Pension File (select pages from the National Archives):  9 pages (PDF*) 

Grand Army of the Republic

Recorded as member no. 61 in the membership roster of Isaac Davis Post No. 138 G.A.R., Acton, Massachusetts (Acton Memorial Library archives, 92.2.1). 

G.A.R. Personal War Sketch


Date January 4, 1892
Place Salem, NH

76 years, 6 months, 15 days

(source: transcript of death record in pension file)

Survived by

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