Civil War Records of Lieut.-Colonel David P. Muzzey

David P. Muzzey


Co. Regiment / Ship From To Residence/ Credit Occupation Notes
A 1st MVI Private; enl. and must. May 23, 1861 disch. Sept. 27, 1861 to accept. promotion in 23rd Mass. Inf. Cambridge lawyer age 22
I 23rd MVI 2nd Lieut.; comm. Oct. 11, 1861; must. Dec. 4, 1861 resigned and disch. July 18, 1862 Cambridge lawyer age 23
G 3rd Ma. Cav. Ist Lieut.; comm. and must. Nov. 1, 1862; comm. Captain  June 17, 1863; must. Sept. 13, 1863; comm. Major Aug. 15, 1865; must. Sept. 1, 1865; comm. Lieut. Colonel, Oct. 5, 1865; not must.

must. out Sept. 28, 1865, as Major

Cambridge lawyer age 28 [sic]
MASSCW, 1:8, 2:767, 6:369.

Service Record (select pages from the National Archives): x
Service Ledger (Town of Acton): x


Co. Regiment Date Filed Type App. No. Cert. No. State Beneficiary/Remarks
23 MVI
3 MaCav
Aug. 30, 1892 Invalid 1 128 105 1 082 087 Mass.  
Aug. 12, 1910 Widow 947 275 708 927 Mass. Sarah A. Muzzey

Pension File (select pages from the National Archives):  12 pages  (PDF*)

Grand Army of the Republic

Isaac Davis Post No. 138, Acton, Massachusetts (Sargent, Grand Army of the Republic: 426).


Date August 3, 1910
Place Cambridge, Mass.
Cause septicemia
Obituary Boston Globe, August 4, 1910;
Cambridge Chronicle, August 6, 1910
Burial Stow, Mass.
Survived by Sarah A. Muzzey

Additional Information

Col. Muzzey resided in Stow and Littleton for a period after the war.

News Item: "Many Years Secretary of Overseers of Poor." Cambridge Chronicle, August 2, 1902. Historic Cambridge Newspaper Collection,

See also biographical sketch in: Ewer, The Third Masschusetts Cavalry in the War for the Union: 400-403. Digital edition:

Portrait above from Ewer: 80.



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