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Civil War Records of Charles Stagg

Grand Army of the Republic
Isaac Davis Post No. 138

Personal War Sketch for Charles Stagg

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Comrade Charles Stagg

Who was born the


day of


A.D. 18



County of


State of


I entered the service '64 at Portsmouth N. H. as seaman in the Colorado and was promoted to Captain Fore-top and still held this position until the end of the war.

In September 1867, I was first discharged at New York but again enlisted for a special service of two years and was transferred to Bosun-mate ship Sarasota.

As I had served, my time, I was finally discharged in the year 1869.

I first took part in the engagement at Fort Fisher in month of December, 1864.

I was wounded at Fort Fisher in both legs and was confined in the Ship's Hospital.

I Certify that the Sketch of my War service as above written is true as

I verily believe






We certify that Comrade

Charles Stagg


Isaac Davis

Post No. 138

Department of

Massachusetts G.A.R. Nov. 27 1889

Held Offices of


F.H. Stevens

H.R. Knowlton