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Civil War Records of Franklin R. Knowlton

Grand Army of the Republic
Isaac Davis Post No. 138

Personal War Sketch for Franklin R. Knowlton

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Comrade Franklin R. Knowlton
Who was born the
day of
A.D. 1847
County of Waldo
State of Maine

At Belfast, Maine, in the month of December, 1863, I first entered the service, as private in Company M. 1st Maine Heavy Artillery. During service my rank was still the same and at the close, my rank was that of a private.


It was on the twenty fourth day of April, 1865 at Augusta, Maine that I was finally discharged from service on account of my disability.


On May 19th, 1864, I first experienced in a battle at Spottsylvania, Va. My second engagement was at North Anna R. on May 23rd. 3rd at Totopotomy, 4th at Petersburg on May 16th. 5th engagement Petersburg on June 17th – sixth engagement Petersburg on May 8th, 1865.

I was confined in the following hospitals: Field Hospital, Petersburg, Va., Field Hospital at City Point, Va. June 1865. Lincoln Hospital, Washington, D. C., Blackwell’s Island, N.Y., Camp Barrey Hospital, Augusta, Maine where I was finally discharged.


Among my most intimate comrades were John Grover, William Knowlton and Abner B. Knight


What I deem to be the most important event was the charge at Petersburg, Va. on June 17th, 1864.

The 1st Me. H. A. Regiment built Fort Sumner, seven miles from Washington on Maryland side of Potomac River. We were there eighteen (18) months – started to serve at the front as Infantry early in May 1864 with 1850 men, our first active engagement was at Spottsylvania, Va. where we lost 475 men, killed and wounded and we lost more or less men in all of the other engagements that we participated in. On June 18th, we charged on the Confederate earthworks on the 6 Flair form (later on, Fort Stedman) with 900 men and came out with only 274 and many of those that came out were more or less wounded. This so says history, the heaviest loss sustained by any regiment.

I Certify that the Sketch of my War service as above written is true as
I verily believe  
Date Signed
We certify that Comrade Franklin R. Knowlton Joined Isaac Davis
Post No. 138 Department of Massachusetts G.A.R. May 2, 1882
Held Offices of
Senior Vice 1890-1891 – Quarter Master 1888-1889 – Commander 1892-’90 –‘94
F.H. Stevens
H.R. Knowlton