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Civil War Records of Otto M. Geers


Grand Army of the Republic
Isaac Davis Post No. 138

Personal War Sketch for Otto M. Geers

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Comrade Otto M. Geers
Who was born the
day of
A.D. 1837
County of   State of Finland

As an able seaman, I first entered the service, on March 29, 1862 in Fort Henry U.S.S. and U.S.S. Nita at New York City.


While in service I held the rank of Quarter master and date of promotion was in the year, 1864 and at the end of the war it still remained the same.


I was first discharged in 1865 at the Receiving ship in Boston, Mass and the cause was on account of the expiration of the term of service.


I was re-enlisted on May 25, 1865, January 25, 1872 and October 18, 1875. I was transferred to ships Powhattan, Richmond, Lancaster, Colorado, Hartford, Franklin, Wabash, and New Hampshire.


I was honorably discharged at the end of each three years enlistment and was finally discharged from service at New York City on Oct 12, 1878 as my time had expired. I was not engaged in any battles.


I was wounded twice, having a broken leg at one time and also one hand crushed by an iron bar.I was confined in a hospital at Key West, Florida in June 1864 as I had an attack of yellow fever.


I was never taken prisoner or confined in a prison.


Among my comrades were R. Chandler, W. W. Hall and G. M. Ransonier.


What I deem important in my naval life is when blockading Squadron, capturing cotton and vessels, six blockade runners & causing the Rebels to burn others.


My enlistments show a time of continuous service of nearly seventeen years with an allowance of three months between each enlistments for which seamen draw pay. My "Discharge Papers" show the highest rating for good conduct, seamanship, gunnery & small arms. (Honorable)


I Certify that the Sketch of my War service as above written is true as
I verily believe  
Date Signed
We certify that Comrade Otto M. Geers Joined Isaac Davis
Post No. 138 Department of Massachusetts G.A.R. March 13, 1889
Held Offices of
F.H. Stevens
H.R. Knowlton