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Civil War Records of Daniel Cronin


Grand Army of the Republic
Isaac Davis Post No. 138

Personal War Sketch for Daniel Cronin

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Comrade Daniel Cronin
Who was born the
day of
A.D. 1835
Franklin County of  Delaware State of New York

At Boston, Mass, on the fifth day of January 1862, I first entered service as an ordinary sea-man on the United States Steamer "Chocura".


In January, 1863 I was promoted to fire-man .


I was finally discharged from service in September 1864 from the Norfolk Naval Hospital.


My first engagement was in Hampton Rhoads Virginia on the eighth day of March, 1862.


I also was engaged in the events that took place at Yorktown, Va., West Point, Va.


In January 1863 we went down to Beaufort, N. C. and brought down Admiral Lee and then we laid off at Fort Fisher on blockade.


I was confined in the Norfolk Naval Hospital, Virginia for three months at that time having to suffer from rheumatism.


Among my most intimate comrades were John Simpson, John Johnson, John Rhawder, George Townsend and Harry Smith.


An event connected with my naval services is that I laid off Texas on the blockade. also another one is that I was in service for two years and eight months.


I Certify that the Sketch of my War service as above written is true as
I verily believe  
Date Signed
We certify that Comrade Daniel Cronin Joined Isaac Davis
Post No. 138 Department of Massachusetts G.A.R. July 12, 1889
Held Offices of
F.H. Stevens
H.R. Knowlton