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Grand Army of the Republic
Isaac Davis Post No. 138

Historical Sketch of the Post

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Special Order No. 21 - Organization of the Post

A charter having been granted, upon application of D. H. Hall and others for the formation of a Post of the Grand Army of the Republic in the town of Acton. Asst. Adjt. Gen. James F. Meade is hereby instructed to organize said Post to be known as Post No 138 Department of Massachusetts and to make a detailed report of his proceedings to this officer without delay.

Asst I M Gen. Geo. L. Goodale will accompany the A. A. G. and assist in the organization of the Post. He will also furnish necessary books and blanks for the use of Post No 138 upon its requisition.

By order of
George H. Patch (signed)
James F. Meade Asst Adjut Gen (signed) Department Commander

Isaac Davis Post No. 138 G. A. R. was organized at West Acton, under the above order on May 2nd 1882 with thirty-eight (38) Charter Members with Head-quarters at West Acton and Charles W. Parker for its first commander. That old revolutionary hero, who fell at Old North Bridge Concord on April 19th 1775. It was named after him.

It has borne on its rolls the names of one hundred and fourteen (114) Comrades, eleven (11) of whom have died, nine (9) have been given transfer cards, nine (9) have been dropped from the rolls, leaving eighty-five (85) members now on the rolls in good standing.

It has been a prosperous Post from the start and helpful to all old soldiers in many ways, not only with its sympathy but with its funds, having paid out about Eight hundred Dollars ($800.00) from its funds for relief of the sick and needy of the Post. And it still has several hundred dollars to its credit for further work.

Hon. William A. Wilde in his unique and costly gift to the town of Acton of the Memorial Library, fitted up and dedicated to the use of this Post as long as the old soldiers shall live, the beautiful hall of this building.

The flag of this Post has been borne by its members at the following National Encampments G. A. R. Portland 1885: San Francisco 1886: Boston 1888- Detroit 1891- Washington D. C. 1892.