The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated March 4, 1865 from Grace Churchill, South Acton, Mass., to "Ezikial Symes" (alias used by Aaron Jones Fletcher)

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                        South Acton
March 4th 1865

Mr Ezikiel Symes:
Dear Soldier.
Now dont
let those pretty eyes of yours look dag-
gers at the strange signature appended
to this communication. How do you
think I have obtained your name
and address? Ask Mr------of Co-------
He will furnich you all necessary
information in regard to the matter
I suspect you are a young soldier
beautiful as beams and as good as
beautiful. Therefore I would have
slept nary a wink for a month


I expect, did I not inform you forth-
with that I have thus (obtained) acquired
your pretty name and address. Excuse
the elegant construction of the foregoing
I am one of Uncle Sam’s girls;
he is your Uncle and therefore we
are Cousins. Now – dear cousin Ezikel
I hope you will not throw this note
in the flames in a spite of indignation
How I would like to see your sweet
face! We girls rarely see a soldier. The
sight of one would be refreshing to
our eyes.  We see some hundred days
men but we cant call them soldiers
as they have had but little experience
in fighting those outlandish rebels
You were born in a yankee land,
rocked in a yankee cradle, and
in after years, on the
field of battle, have shed yankee
blood and fought beneath a yankee
flag and have whipped the


rebels nearly every time and now
when the cruel war is over, I hope
and trust you are coming North
to mary a yankee girl.  Is that so?
I learn there are some secessionists
those of the female persuasion
who can look so sour at you northern
boys, that if you were cucumbers
you would be turned into pickles
Dear Cousin now dont take up
with any of those sour old maids.
I hope it will not be a very long
time before Peace shall again wave
her olive branch over the  land
and our soldiers will once more be
at liberty. Seriously now, I hope
you will be kind enough to answer
this little note. It would be romantic
to say the least. Please address
Grace Churchill  So Acton Mass

P.S. Please remember me to my
friends in Co.E.    Your loving Cousin