The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated February 18, 1865 from Joseph G. Fleming, Frederick City, Md., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            Frederick City  Md
Feb 18th 1865

Friend Joney
how are you old boy  I
reckon that you are having A gay old
time up there by this time  by the way
Jony you wanted to know if Mary
Davis wasn’t  a old made not a bit
of it  She is about twenty and a damed
good Looking girl to h[?]  She a pretty
[…illegible…]  Well John you
know […illegible…] Well I just wrote
her the Dist [distant?] Love letter you see it
did you not Well here the other day
I got a answer to it  I would give
you a copy in this if I thought that
you would get it  I wont write til I sure[?]
that you will get it and then I will
show you something that just bats[?]
those[?]  [illegible] all in the shade and you
know that it has got to bee pretty good


do that I wil bee damed John
if the F[illegible] Women here [illegible]
greaner[?] than hel[ ?] they don’t[?] know enough
to injoy[?] good health quite a number
of the boys here have got bit by the
Spotted [illegible] I under stand that they
fished with a bob and s[illegible] to [illegible]
there is some nise girls here but them
that live out of the city I Like best
just go in For a good time with
them but John I have S[illegible] right
down since I came here  I hant [haven’t]
drank a drop of Fire Water since I have
been here and I have gave it intirley there
is a good many of the boys that just
practise geting drunk every other day  I
will tell you my opion of such a felow
as that he is just now f[illegible]  a[illegible] but had
better bee dead than Living and it would
bee a blesing to him and his Folks if
he would dy - but enough of this it
is good enough For a young man of
[illegible] standing to take a peak at such things


I havnt had a Letter from betsie[?]
For a Long time the Last one I got
She mistrusted you of having a hand in
the [illegible] but tel you the truth John
I should rather Loose all the rest of
my womans[?] corispondence than
hers for[?] I like the tone of her Letters
and I think that after shee gets a Little
more aquainted with J E F I think she
would write good long letters you
got me into a damed rough scrape
in the First of it  I wish that we
had both got a damed Licking[?]
when I wrote to Lottey[?] I in[?]
particklur but never mind
there never was cloudy day but
what there was a Fare on after it
I should like to see you but I dont
supose that I shal til we meat up
the valey[?] again next summer and
then Johnny just get your old
[illegible] again if you can and
we wil have some mor [illegilbe] times


I have looked over a number
of Letters writers here in the city
but I cant find one that has in it
what we want to see if I can Find
one I wil just hitch on to it
Write as soon as you can and
direct my Letters the same as you
would to a citizen[?]
From a Dear Friend
Joseph G Fleming
Frederick City
Care of box[?] 175