The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated November 20, 1864 from Lydia Lucinda Fletcher (mother), South Acton, to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            South Acton November 20th 1864

Jones  I commence to write to you to Let
you know that we are well and I hope
you are well  I have been to meeting
today to see the New Married ones
it was Warren Ball and Sophiah
Chaplin and Walter Gilmore and
Emma Robbins they were married
today they went to Littleton to be
married and come out bride this afternoon
Some pumpkins I tell you they felt big
Thomas Kinsley was buried under arms
today Mr Chatman is Major they
say he cant see common folks he is
so big Hepsa and I have seen him
but he don’t speak to us we don’t
care Jones the town voted that three
years men should have a bounty of a
hundred and twenty five dollars and
a committee of six was chosen for a
committee to report at March meeting
how it should be divided


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Billy Paul is here to spend
Thanksgiving with us and I wish you
was here with him I wanted to send
you a turkey and mince pies and such
thing but they told me you was so far
from the rail road that it would spoil
before you would get it and I had better
not send anything  Jones trias went off
and was gone a fortnight and took
Major with him and we could hear from
him but he did not want to come home
they was after a fox but they was poor
he came home himself we found the puppy
at Brown west from here other side
of the swamp Mr Dwelly dog broke
his leg and they kill him and he has
got trias and he say if he can keep
him he will buy him and pay
what is right for him he has had him
about week    Jonas, Handley drop
down dead at Simon Tuttle Auction
last week  Mr Wilbur has bought
the Blood farm down here


[p. 3]
Wealthy has sent two letters and has
not received one write to her if you
have not she thinks you don’t get them
we are going to kill our turkey tomorrow
Jonathan has catch two patriges and six
rabbits in his snares he has no luck
this year catch five muskrats
we heard from Swift today he is well
he is not coming home at present
Jones did you tell Mary that Rueben
might have that blue great coat
if you want him to have it  set
your price for it Mary say you
told her she might have it and
she took it with out money and
with out price we want to know if
you did that is all Jones it
does take me so long to write that
I mean that Hepsa shall write
two Letters to my one for she does
it so quick  no more this time
this from Mother to Jones
much love to you

[p. 4]
Jones I hope you will have a
good thanksgiving if I don’t send
you any thing Billy Paul say
give my best Love to you tied
up in a rag and he should Like
see you first rate
I cant write any more this
time they are talking so
write soon as you can
this from Mother

Aaron Jones Fletcher