The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated June 16, 1864 from Martha Lydstron (sister), Eliot, Maine, to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            Eliot June 16th [1864]

Dear Brother
As willie is writing
to Swift today I thought I would
write a few lines to you  did you
get my last letter I wrote I have
not yet received any answer  we
thought we would both write this
time and perhaps you might get
one of them  we are goin to send
some papers with these letters  I
dont suppose you get much time
to read but you can take them
to fan yourselfs with for if it is
as hot there as it is here I should
think you would need something
and I suppose it is a great deal
hotter there is some good stories
in them a bout the war  we
thought you might like to read
them  I had a letter from Hepsey
the other day  they were all well


at home and I had a letter from
Wealtha  they were all well but
George he had got the hooping
cough  have you heard from Eliza
she wrote to me three or four weeks
ago  she said the Lowell folks were
going to send a box of things to
the sixth regiment every week and
she was goin to send some
things to you and Swift some
cakes and so fourth  I wish you was
both at home for I think you
must suffer more then you are willing
to let us know  my baby is well and
growing fast  she weighs 12 ½ pounds
she is 11 weeks old come Tuesday  she
just begins to Laugh and play
I wish you could see her  Hersinas
folks are all well by now Cyrus Dole is
down here now he is very sick  I
dont think he will live long
by the looks of him  William
Paul is off the yard now  they


have given his place to another
man  there is pleanty doing on
the yard now Willie works on
there  he has $2 ½ dollars a day  I so
wish you was here do you think
you will have to fight  are you
comeing home when your 3 months
are out  I hope you will  we
schant [shant] go up home until we
find out whether you are comeing
home or not  little Daniel Paul
has been very sick with a fever
they did not expect him to live
he is little better now  I am goin
to put some paper in this letter
and Willie is goin to put an
envelope in Swifts so one of
you can write back to us if
you both cant I watch the
papers every day to see if there
is any thing a bout the sixth
I see by yesterday you are goin
to Harpers Ferry  I hope you wont


have to fight I cant think
of any thing more to write
this time if you will write
and let us know whether you
get this we will send you
a paper every week  we both
send much love to you
both Willie says write soon
yours in love Martha F. Lydstron