The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated February 10, 1864 from Nellie Dole (cousin), Marlborough, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            Marlboro  Feb 10th 1864

My Dear brother Jones.
I had been expecting to
hear from you up to the arrival of your nice long
letter and have been very buisy or I should have
answerd it before.  I now sit down this cold
evening to reply I was so glad to here from
you and to here you was well.  The focks
have gone to a dance to Northboro but I thought
it my duty to stay at home and write to
you. how are you getting a long away down
South.  I am so sleepy I can hardly see
you will see by the looks of this letter for
I went to Boston yesterday and then
went to a dance in the evening and dance
till one o’clock and it is nearly nine now.


How did you spend your holiday. perhaps
it would be pleasant for you to know
how I spent mine. Christmas I went a
skating in the afternoon in the forenoon
I work on a dress I expected to go to a
dance in the evening but I was disappointed
for it was a select party. The night before
New years I went to a ball and dance
till five o’clock and the[n] in the day time that
is New years I worked all day then New years
night I went to another ball an arrived
home at eight the next morning  did not
go to bed at all work all that day.
and when Sunday came I was very tired
should you not think I would have been
tired. now when you write please tell me
how you spent yours  I have to work very
hard now I go to Boston every week to take
singing lesson an I earn over a dollar a
day  We have dancing school every Tuesday
evenings and we are going to have a ball
here the twenty second of this month.


We had a leap year ball here a few weeks
a go  the ladys had to ask the gentlemen
then they have to go and get them put up
the horses pay all the bills. should you
not like that  I went and carryed the
gentleman I work for  he’s a married man
but all the same. we have been having splendid
weather hear had two or three large sleigh rides
I am about sick to day I fainted away
this morning but I have to work just the
same. I have had a very sore finger so
I should not finish your letter till
now. They dedicated the new hall
over to Acton  I suppose you have heard
of it  they sold 1300 tickets and made
$500 clear That is doing pretty well dont
you think so.  Thursday evening I went
to another dance and stayed till twelve
o’clock and am going next Tuesday eve
that is I expect to go. Do you know


Mary Meade  we expect her here every
day and I expect great times. But I
have a letter to write to Jimmie so I
must draw this to a close. write soon.
and with a kiss  I am your
All send love Mother      Nellie
says when war is over come and see