The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated January 31, 1864 from Jonathan Piper Fletcher (brother), South Acton, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            So Acton Jan 31 64

Dear Brother.  I now sit down to pen
a few lines to you. I am well and hope you
are the same. I go to school now it
finishes in 3 weakes. we have a good
master. we had a ride to lexington
had a hall. and we had a good time
we had a dinner that the girls covered
we had to pay 4 dollars for the hall.
we have evening schools onese in a while
have one this weak wednesday or thursday
I dont know which.  we have to speak
once a fortnight.  Elnathan Jones has not
ben a fishing but once I believe he
caught about 75lbs  the symonds boys
and lowell Jones went and caught 37lbs
there is not much hunting now.
I have not hird of but one fox being
shot and that emory symonds shot.
I have caught 10 muskrats this fall
they are cheap this year Solan has
caught 10 to.  their was a ball in
the new hall up in town 22 of January


and their was a great rush
their was about 13 hundred
the hall was so full that
they could not move they
said we did not go.
their was one this other night 28
up to the west and the hall
was full. it has been warm
here this winter but it begins to
snow now  there is a singing school
here this winter I can not think
of any more this time right
Jona P. Fletcher