The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated July 19, 1863 from Lydia Lucinda Fletcher (mother), South Acton, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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South Acton July 19 1863

Jones, I am going to answer your
Letter now which found us all well and
I hope this will find you all
right, well and smart and we are
all well now  Last week we had a
Letter from Wealthy and her children
ware sick with the measles and George
has been very sick with them but they
are better now and she could not get
any one and so Hepsa and Eliza went
up and help them Eliza staid a week
and Hepsa will till she is a mind too
come home if it is till thanksgiving
time I don’t care if I am not sick. I can
do the work so when you write you
must write to Shrewsbury don’t let her
know what I write  Eliza went home
yesterday we have had no rain for
six weeks and now it has rained every
day this week and it look as if it
would not stop this week and no haying


they drafted here in Concord for
Acton and the camp is in Concord
they had a lot of uniforms come up Lately
A List of drafted members Nelson Robbins,
Edward Harris, Winthrop Jones, George
Fletcher, Erwin Fletcher, Hiram Hapgood,
John Tenny, Charles Moulton, George
Conant, Edwin Tuttle, Edward Tuttle,
Daniel Tuttle, Luke Tuttle, William Wild,
Simon Robbins, Fletcher Hosmer,
Edwin Jones, Joel Hayward, Henry
, Charles Jones, George Gardner,
Varnum Mead, Waldo Dun,
Nelson Tuttle, AlvinTuttle [ *] and
I cant think of any more   they
have got to get a substitute or pay
three hundred dollars or go to war
I should have written last Sunday
but I wanted to write the drafted ones
so you might know there is some
rioting in Boston and Springfield
Company E has got to go to Lowell
for fear of rioting

[* the result of this draft was reported in the 1863/64 annual report for the Town of Acton, p. 20].


Concord is under Marshal Law
tomorrow seven hundred coming from
Lowell of drafted men and all have
got to go to Concord camp and then sent to
Springfield  O what a time there will be.
Jonathan has gone to meeting and Sunday
School he can mow first rate and
he like to mow we are going [to] have
peas for supper you have them Long ago
Jonathan is amost as tall as I am  he grows
fast and he like to go a fishing
tell Mr. Wheeler I shall write soon.
Eliza has been here this week and I
had so much to do that I could not
we have two of handsomest hogs
you ever see us have  you have got
fifteen months Longer to stay but
think that the war will be ended
before that time and I hope you will
be at home before another hot summer
Rueben and Mary and Emma are going
down to Martha this week if they can
no more this time, Jones this from Mother.