Town of Acton, Massachusetts
Record of the soldiers and seamen in the military
and naval service during the Rebellion

(manuscript courtesy Town of Acton)


Title page

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page 1-5 Title page and introduction
page 5-20 Index to names
page 26-27 5th Regiment M.V.M.;
6th Regiment (3 months) M.V.M.
page 28-29 6th Regiment (3 months), cont.
page 30-31 6th Regiment M.V.M. (100 Days)
page 32-33 6th Regiment (100 Days), cont.;
6th Regiment M.V.M. (9 months)
page 34-35 6th Regiment (9 months), cont.
page 36-37 6th Regiment (9 months), cont.;
12th Battery, L.A.;
15th Battery L.A.;
2nd Regiment H.A.;
3rd Regiment H.A.;
1st Regiment Cavalry
page 38-39 1st Regiment Cavalry, cont.;
2nd Regiment Cavalry;
3rd Regiment Cavalry;
4th Regiment Cavalry;
1st Battalion Frontier Cavalry 
page 42-43 1st Regiment Infantry;
2nd Regiment;
11th Regiment;
12th Regiment;
13th Regiment
page 44-45 16th Regiment;
19th Regiment;
22nd Regiment;
23rd Regiment;
26th Regiment
page 46-47 26th Regiment, cont.
page 48-49 26th Regiment, cont.
page 50-51 26th Regiment, cont.
page 52-53 26th Regiment, cont.
page 54-55 26th Regiment, cont. 
page 56-57 26th Regiment, cont. 
page 58-59 26th Regiment, cont. 
page 60-61 26th Regiment, cont. 
page 62-63 26th Regiment, cont. 
page 64-65 26th Regiment, cont. 
page 66-67 26th Regiment, cont. 
page 68-69 26th Regiment, cont. 
page 70-71 32nd Regiment;
33rd Regiment 
page 72-73 39th Regiment;
40th Regiment;
54th Regiment;
55th Regiment;
58th Regiment 
page 74-75 Veteran Reserve Corps;
Regular Army 
page 76-77 Account of the bounties paid 
page 101 Record of Seamen and Officers in the Naval Service title page  
page 102-103 Record of Seamen and officers in the Naval Service