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Early Town Records of Acton, Massachusetts

File/page number: 148

1759 February 10 Selectmen's meeting: warrant for March 5 Town meeting

1759 March 5

Town meeting

  February ye 10: 1759 then the Select men Met and appointed a Town meeting to be at the Meeting House on the first monday of march Next at one the Clock in the afternoon to Consider and Conclude on the following articles (viz)
1 To Chuse Town officers for the year Ensuing
2 To See if the Town will agree to Assess the Town forth with for the principall and Intrest of the fifty pounds old tenor that the Town owes the Estate of mr Samuel Prescott Late of Acton Deceased and to See the assessors Shall make the assessment by the Last Envoice or pass any other vote that may be thought proper when met Relating to that affair
3 To See if the Town will accept of a Short bit of way to accomodate the Rev mr Swift and the Hiers of Capt Osgood Late of Acton Deceased according to the marks made by the Select men Last may Said way is bounded on mr Josiah Pipers fence and Said way is two Rods wide
4 To See if the Town will abate the Rates of Benjamin Allen Late of Acton Deceased which his father was assessed for in the year 1757
5 To See if the Town will agree to Let the Swine Run at Large this present year and the Same was Committed to the Constables

March ye 5: 1759
at a General Town meeting [at] the meeting House it Being Legally warned as appeared by the Returns of the Constables on their warrants and Capt Fletcher was Chosen moderator for Said meeting and proceeded as follows Jonathan Hosmer was Chosen Town Clerk and Select man and mr Josiah Hayward was Chosen Constable for the Southwest part of Said town and mr Samuel White was Chosen Constable for the Northest part of the Town and Lieut Billings was Chosen the Second Select man and Capt Hayward was Chosen the third Select man and the Select men was Chosen assessors

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