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Early Town Records of Acton, Massachusetts

File/page number: 149

1759 March 5 Town meeting (continued from previous page)

1759 May 14

Selectmen's meeting: warrant for May 24 Town meeting


  and Lieut Billing was Chosen Town Treasurer and Capt Davies mr William Cutting and mr Simon Tuttle and mr David Brooks Capt Fletcher and mr John Edwards and mr John Cragin Jun was Chosen Surveyors of Highways and mr John Chaffin and mr Francis Barker was Chosen Tything men and Lieut Adams and mr Robert Chaffin was Chosen fence viewers and mr Mark White was Chosen Sealer of weights and measures and mesrs Francis Chaffin and Samuel Wheeler Jun was Chosen Hogreeves all which was Sworn into their Respective offices as the Law Directs
2 it was propounded whether the Town shall be assessed for the money the Town owes the Estate of mr Samuel Prescott Late of Acton Deceased this present year voted in the affirmative
3 it was propounded whether the Town would accept of a Short Bit of way to accomodate the Rev mr Swift and the Heirs of Capt Osgood Late of Acton Deceased voted in the affirmative
4 it was propounded whether the Town would abate the Rates of Benjamin Allen Late of Acton Deceased voted in the affirmative
5 it was propounded whether the Swine Shall Run at Large this present [year] voted on the affirmative and then the meeting was Dismist

  may ye 14: 1759
Then the Select men met and appointed a Town Meeting to be at the meeting House on Thursday the twenty fourth day of this Instant may at two of the Clock in the afternoon to Consider and Conclude on the following articles (viz)
1 To See if the Town will agree to Chuse a Representative
2 To See How much money the Town will Raise to Defrey the Necessary Charges that have or may arise with in the Same this present year

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