Acton Memorial Library

Acton Memorial Library

Early Town Records of Acton, Massachusetts

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1747 May 18
Town meeting (continued from previous page)
1747 November 3
Record of livestock
1748 March 1 Town accounts

and then it was propounded whether that people shall have four shillings a day for a pair of oxen and one shilling and six pence for a Cart old tenor voted on the affirmative
8 propounded whether the Town will Give Mr Hezekiah Wheeler and Mr Samuel Hayward and Mr Ezekiel Davis Liberty to Build a Horse Stable on the towns Land near the meeting House voted on the affirmative
9 propounded whether that Mr Jonathan Billing and Mr Andrew Darby and Mr Daniel Fletcher be a Committe to adjust accounts with the Committee that was Chosen to finish the inside of the meeting House voted on the affirmative and then the meeting was Dismist

Acton November ye 3: 1747
Taken up an proceeded with as strays by Amos Prescott of Acton Three young Cattle one a Red heifer supposed to be Comming on four years old with a white face and tail and some white on her Back and white Belly and her hind feet white and some white on her fore Legs Branded on her Near Horn with the Letters T G and an old Brand on the off horn worn out The others Two Steers Supposed to be comming in two years old one a Black one with some white on his face and by his mouth and belly and Some white on his tail and some on the Inside of Each Cambril and the top of the Near Ear Cutt off and a Slitt on the under side and a half penny Cut out of the under side of the off Ear the other a brown one and hath no artificial mark

March ye 1: 1748
To and order to Ens Mark White for Twenty nine pounds Eight Shillings old tenor for subsisting the widow Brabrook from the first day of December 1746 until this Day the whole of his Demands

March ye 1: 1748
To an order to Jonathan Hosmer for seven pounds fifteen Shillings old tenor for time and money spent on the
Towns Service in year 1747 the whole of his Demands           

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