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Acton Memorial Library

Early Town Records of Acton, Massachusetts

File/page number: 042

1742 December 31 Town meeting
1742/3 February 16 Selectmen's meeting: warrant for March 7 Town meeting

1742/3 42
  December ye Last 1742 at a Gineriel Town meeting Being Legally warned as apeered by the Return of the warrant for said meeting met at the meeting House in said town & made Choice of Mr John Brooks for modarator & proseeded as follows viz
1 It was propounded whether the selectmen shall bind out Peter Murfie voted thay will Dismiss that article
2 propounded Whether the Commett that was Choosen to finish ye meeting House Should Let out sd work to be finished within ye tearms of one year Next Insueing voted in ye affarmitive
3 Dismist
4 Article propounded Passed in the Negative
5 propounded whether ye town will Except of Samuel Hayward in ye roome [stead] of David Furbush voted in ye Nagetive
6 ye sixth article was Dismist and then the meeting was Dismist

1 Feabruary ye 16th: 1742/3 then the Select men met & apinted a town meeting to be at ye meeting house in said Town on ye first monday of march at teen of the Clock in the forenoon then and there to Consider on the articles here after mentioned viz to Chuse town offisers for ye year Insuieng
2 to hear & Consider on the Request of the Reavernd Mr John Swift Respecting his Sallary & pass any vote that may be thought proper when met /
3 to se if the town will Chuse Sum person or persons to Espouse there Petition at the Grait & Gineril Court or manidge any other affare Relaiting to a Contry road Laid out from Warlham to Stow Road In Acton at ye Request of Mr Rusel & others
4 to here Mr Samuel Wheelers Request & act on the same
5 to here ye Request of Samuel prescott & others as follows first to se if the town will Chuse a Commett to recen [reason?] with the present town Treasurer & all those that have sarved as town treasurers in said town since ye year 1735 to se what of the towns money is yeat [yet] in there hands 2 to se if the town will Chuse a commett to Call all those that ware Select men & assessers of the said town of Acton for and since ye year 1735 to an account to se how they have Disposed of the towns money and to Recken& adjust accompts [accounts] with them Relaiting to the Same & make return of thare doings at the next town meeting

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