Acton Memorial Library

Acton Memorial Library

Early Town Records of Acton, Massachusetts

File/page number: 043

1742/3 February 16 Selectmen's meeting (continued from previous page)
1742/3 March 7 Town meeting

1742/3 43
  allso to se if ye town will vote that ye Commett that was Choosen to get ye meeting house Glazed Should be paid out of ye town Stock
6 to se if the town will Let the Swine run at Large ye year insuing: the same was Commetted to ye Constables

  March ye 7th 1742/3
At a Gineril town meeting being Legally warned as appeared by the Return of the Constables: at the meeting House in said town Deikn [deacon] Joseph Fletcher was Choosen moderator for said meeting and proseeded as follows Simon Hunt was Choosen town Clerk& Select man William Cutting John Davis Juner was Choosen Constable Andrew Derby & Jonathan Horsmer Select men Jonathan Billing Town treasurer John Cragin Samuel Davis Samuel Jones was Choosen assessors / Hezekiah Wheeler Andrew Derby Amos Prescott Titus Law Garshom Davis Juner was Choosen Surveyors of highways Samuel Hayward William Connant Fens vivers [fence viewers]: Timothy Brook John Law Thomas White was Choosen Hog Reefes Mr John Berker was Choosen Sealer of waights & measures
2 The Reavernd Mr John Swift Read & Considered & It was propounded Whether they woold add fifty pounds old tenor to Mr Swifts Sal- ary this present year it passed in ye affermative
3 propounded wether ye town will Chuse sum person to act for them at ye Grait and Gineril Court Relating to a Contry Road Laid from Warltham [Waltham?] into said town voted that Simon Hunt manaige that affare
4 Samuel Wheelers Request was heard and voted it be continued to may meeting
5 Mr Samuel Prescotts & others Request & propounded whether they will Chuse a commeett to Examen ye town treasurers voted yt phinehes Asgood Joseph Berns & John Davis Juner be a Commett for that affare: allso propounded whether they will Chuse a Commett to call ye Select men & assers [assessers] to an account voted that ye same Commett maing [manage] ye affare allso propounded whether ye Commett it was Choosen to Glaze ye mettinghouse Should have there money out of the town Stock voted in the affermative
6 It was propounded whether ye Swine run at Large this present year voted in ye affermative then ye meeting was Dismist

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