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Acton Memorial Library

Early Town Records of Acton, Massachusetts

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1739 May 16 Selectmen's meeting: warrant for May 23 Town meeting
1739 May 23 Town meeting

1739                      26
Acton may the 16th 1739  then the Select men met and Appinted a town meeting to be on ye 23 of may Current at the meeting Hous in said Acton at one of ye Clock in the after noon to Consider on ye articles after mentioned viz
1 first to se if ye town will Chuse a Deputy
2 to se what money ye town will Raise to Defray Nesessary Charges this Present year
3 to hear ye Report of ye Commett that was Choosen to Lay out ye Pew Ground and allso to Proseed in any other thing Relating to that affare that may be thought Proper when met
4 to se if ye town will finnesh their meeting house or any Parte thereof Besides ye Pews
5 to se if ye town will Chuse a Committ to make sarth [search] into the aintiant [ancient] Bounds between Concord and Acton or do any other things Relaiting to that affare
6 to se if ye town will Let ye Swin Run at Larg and ye same was commeeted to ye Constables

Acton May ye 23, 1739
Att a Ginarail Town meeteing at ye meeing House in said Acton Being Legally warned as Appeered by ye Returns of the Constables warrants the meeting was opened Mr Gardner Davis was Chosen moderator for said meeting & proseeded as Follows first it was propounded what money the town will raise this year to defray necessary Charges within ye same voted they will rais twenty five pounds
3 To hear ye Report of ye Commett that was Chosen to Lay out ye pew Ground in ye meeting House allso it was propounded how they will dispose of them: thought proper to propound whether they will Dispose of ye pews with Respect to Real Estate as in ye Valuations only to Such Persons as Dwell within the Limmets of said Acton Provided they shall Defently Finish them within ye term of one year next insuing and it was voted in ye affirmative Nathan Robbins [entered his dissent?] allso Chose a Committ namely Mr Gershon Davis Ammi Faulkner & Simon Hunt to make Return of ye ^next town meeting who Shall Draw them According to vote
4 Propounded whether ye town will Do any more toward ^finishing ye meet ing House at present voted in ye negative
5 Propounded Whether ye town will Chuse a Committ to make Sarch into ye antiant Records of ye Bounds Between Concord and said Acton voted in ye affarmative & made of ye Selectmen as a Commett
6 to se if ye town will let ye Swine Run at Large voted in ye affarmative & the meeting was dismist

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