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Early Town Records of Acton, Massachusetts

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1737 June 6 An agreement between the Selectmen of Acton and Concord on the maintenance of the Widow Elizabeth Shepard
1737 June 6 Town accounts
1737 October 13 Selectmen's meeting: warrant for October 24 Town meeting
1737  October 24 Town meeting (continued on next page)

Acton, Juine ye 6th / 1737
An aGreement made Between ye Selectmen of Concord & Acton as folloeth Concord Juine ye 6th / 1737 We ye subscribers Select men of Concord & ye Selectmen of acton met at ye Dwelling House of Mr Jonthan Balls in Said Concord & pursuant to the notes ye Said Towns Rased in march last past & find mutually agree that ye cost of ye maintenance of ye Widow Elizebeth Shepard for ye foter [future] be born as folloeth viz that Concord shall be two third parts & acton one third Parts there of and that ye Selectmen or overser of ye Poore of Each towns afford to from Time to time shall have ye Care & Inspections of ye Said widow
  Samuel Hayward
  David Melvin
} Selectmen
  John Jones of Concord
  John Brooks
} Selectmen
  Simon Hunt of Acton

  Acton Juine ye 6 / 1737
To an order to Enoch Cleveland for keeping ye widow Elizebeth Shepard } £10 in full for ye time paste & agreed on as Acton’s Part } 3-9-8
Acton June ye 6th / 1737
To an order to Joseph Fletcher for Keeping ye Widow Elizebeth Shepard six weeks in ye somer past and agreed on for acton to Pay by ye Selectmen
} 1-1-0
Acton October ye 29th to an order to ye treasurer to pay Joseph Barnes Eighty pounds out of ye tax money for finishing ye meeting House first payment } 80-0-0
at ye same time to order to ye treasurer to pay Mr Joseph Barnes one Hundred Pounds out of ye town money for Finishing ye meeting house ye second payment } 100-0-0

Acton October ye 13th 1737
The Selectmen met & Apinted a town meeting to be on monday ye twenty forth day of October at ye meeting house in Acton on ye articles following viz
1 To se if ye town will [illegible] and Chuse a commitee to Supply ye Pulpit allso when they will meet
2 to see if ye town will Glazes thare meeting House & Chuse a committee to Let out Said work
3 to see if ye town will chuse a committee to seal ye encounts with ye town treasurer
4 To see if ye town will pay Cor Joseph Wright three pounds four shillings out of ye town money
5 to see what they will dow abowt Richard Green refared to this meeting and ye same was comited with their warrants to ye Constables to warn ye town to meet as aforesaid

Acton October ye 24th 1737
At a Ginariel town meeting of ye town aforesaid at ye meeting house Mr Thomas Wheeler was moderator of Said meeting & proceeded on ye articles as followeth viz
1 to see if ye town will agree to have preauching [preaching] voted in ye afirmitive Propounded whether they will chuse a committe to supply ye Pulpits voted that ye Selectman should be a committe for that afaire allso voted they will begin ye first Satday in January next to meet

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