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Acton Memorial Library

Early Town Records of Acton, Massachusetts

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1737 May 23 Selectmen's meeting: warrant for May 30 Town meeting (continued from previous page)
1737 May 30 Town meeting
1737 November 27 Town accounts
1737/38 March 6 Town accounts
1737/38 March 10 Town accounts

  1737       16
3 To se what money ye Town will Raise toward finishing the meeting House this Present year
4 To se what ye town will relaiting to Richard Greens funaral
5 To se if ye town will agree to pint ye underpining of ye meeting House & Leet [let] it out
6 To se if ye town will Reconsider thaire former vote Releint to ye underpining ye meeting House by Each man working a Day and pay it by a raite as allso what they will alow Each man for thaire work that Did ye same & ye warrants was given to ye Constables to warn Said meeting

Acton may ye 30th / 1737
At a Ginarel town meeting being leagally met at the meeting house warned as as apeared by ye Returns of ye Constables Lutt [Lieut] John Heald was Chosen moderrator of Said meeting & proceeded on ye offaires hereafter mentioned 1/ Propounded whether ye town will purtich [purchase] a buring [burying] place Laid oute by ye Selectmen being in possession of Nathan Robbens voted In ye affarmative
2 Propounded whether ye town will raise any money to defray town Charges this Present year Voted they would Reaise £15 – 0 – 0
3 It was propounded what money they would raise toward finishing the meeting House this present year voted they wood reaise one Hundred Pounds towards ye Payments agrad on by ye Comite to Lee [Let] Said work out. Samell & Jonathan Wheeler Entered thare dissent against raising the money
4 Propounded what ye town will do relaiting to Green: voted that will refer that affaire until ye next town meeting
5 Propounded whether ye town will pint ye underpining of ye meeting house voted in ye affirmitive & at ye Same time leet out Said work to Jonathan Billings to Do for ye sum of £2–50–0 which work he (Jo Billings) engaged to do it spedelay & do It Well
6 It ws Propounded whether ye town Will Reconsider thair for- mer vote that they will underpin this meeting house by working Each man a Day and Do It by a Raite and allso what They will alow Each man that did work at ye same voted that Thay will Dismiss that article Provided that those that was Delinquent at ye meeing house on ye Day apinted to work& Work one Day Each man at ye highways by order of ye Surveyr more than thare Equal Part other ways wont have bin then ye meeting was dismist.

Acton November ye 27th 1737
To an order to Mark White Constable to pay Cor Joseph Wright three pounds & four shillings out of ye tax money alowed by ye town for Going to Court  
} 3-9-0
Acton, March ye 10th 1737/8
to an order to ye Commitee for glaysing ye meeing House to Mark White out of ye tax money six pounds & ten shillings 
} 6-10-0
Acton March ye 6th - 1737/8
to an order for Mark White to: to Receive out of ye Towns money for Gathering up tax money two pounds & ten shillings
{ 2-10-0

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