Civil War records of George A. Reed


Letter dated May 26, 1861 from George Reed, to his cousin

(Acton Memorial Library archives 2007.7.3)

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     Elkrige Leanding
     Reelay House Maryland May 26, 1861

     Dear Cossin
I now take this Oppitinity to write you
a few lines to Let you know that I
am well and hope these few lines
will find you all the Same I received
your Letter and was Glad to hear frome
you and that you was all well.
we are yet at the Same Place. 30[?] miles
frome Washington 10 frome Baltimore.
we are encamped on a hill called [illegible]
hill we have Bin to Baltimore Since we have Bin
here. we sent there Monday the 13 and Marched
through most of the Streats we had our guns
Loaded ready for them ready to pay them
for there kindness whitch they rendered
us on the 19 of April when we came through
we arrived there about 5 o clock we marched
from a hill called federal hill whitch


[p. 2]
commands a fine view of the city and
harbor and Fort McHenry the hill is on
the Banks of the Chespeek Bay as Soon
as we got up on the hill there came up
a Thunder Shower. it Rained hard all Night
we camped out without any Covering except the
Scy[?] we soon got wet as a drowned Rat
Clothes did not do us mutch good we
had a rather hard Night time of it But
we wethered through it and came out
Bright it cleared a way[?] and the Sun
Shone out warm and Pleasant A Bout 9 O clock
we soon dried our Blankets and Clothes
and was soon as well as ever we have Some
rather hard times But we grin and Bare it
we staed there 8 days.
the People was
kind and Friendly and we enjoyed[?] our suppers[?]
Prety well most of the People are Unions[?] we came
Back here to our old quarters where we still
are we have bin expecting to leave here every
minute we are all ready to march. at a
minutes warning yesterday we Packet up our
things and 3 days racions expecting to


[p. 3]
go to Harpers Ferry or Alexanderzy
but we have not [--?] to eather yet.
Cab. Elinworth was Shot there
his Body Passed through here yesterday afternoon
in the cars they are fighting in Alexander
prety hard at last accounts and I think
we shall hafter fight Before long. tell
Dan if he was out here he would
See Some hard times and I guess he
would think of home. it is not Sutch
Prety work to Be a Soldier as it is
to Play one. I hope I shall live to come
home and See you all again Charles and
Unkle William and Billy are all well and
hope we Shall continue So. we hafter lay
with our Cartridge Box and with 40 rands of Powder
and Balls and our gun By our Side and our
[illegible] riggin ready to start there is 9 boys[?]
in the Tent with me. we hafter lay with
our Boots and hat on. we Shant know
how to Sleep in a Bed when we get home
nor how to Behave to the Table we take a piece
of meat in our fingers and a junk of Bread


[p. 4]
whitch would Look rath[er] Bad at home.
But as Long as we get any thing to eat we
don’t care. tell Unkle I wish he was out
here and Cap of our Co. But I suppose
he has enough to do to home. I do
not think of mutch more to write at Pressent
Some are [--?] to Meeting Some down
to the Brook washing and Some a Sleep
& Some are writing   me hafter guard Night
and day. I hafta go an Guard every
other day and Night I do not think
of mutch more to write at Pressent
give my Best respects to all inquiring
friends and to Unkle & Aunt and Daniel
write as often as you can. Dirrect
your Letters to G A Reed Washington
City D.C. Co E 6th Reg. M.V.M.
Cap Daniel Tuttle Col E.F. Jones
Yours in hart
George A Reed
Please excuse all
mistakes for I write this in a hurry