Civil War records of George A. Reed


Letter dated April 20, 1861 from George Reed, Washington D.C., to his uncle

(Acton Memorial Library archives 2007.7.1)

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          Washington D.C. April 20/61
   Dear Unkle I now take this Oppitunity to
write to you to Let you know that I still
Live I am now in the White house in the Gallery
over the Senate Chambers Charles & Bill & Little Bill
are here we are all prety well after So Long a Journey
we arrived here Last Night 15 of 6 tired and hungry
we had quite a Little Brush at Baltimore we lost 3
of our men. they Lost 8 of the Rebels they
throwed stones into the cars and tore up the Track
But as soon as we fired they Scattered we are
now waiting for Orders whitch I do not [k]now
what they will be I hope I Shall Live to come
Back to Massachusetts and see you all tell
Dan it would make him stare to see the
folks here and the Breckenridges[?] of the Grand Army
we left home Tuesday Morning 3 o Clock Father he
felt rather Bad to have us go of[f] But it is
all for the Best give my Luve to Dan & Aunt
and Frank and all inquiring Friends
I have not seen the Natick Co here yet
But hope I Shall See those Bold Boys we are
to stay here 3 months to go where we are
ordered we shall See some warm work


[p. 2]
Before we come back I think Virginia she
has garn but[?] the Arsenal at Harpers Ferry has been
Blown up I do not think of any more
News So Good By Be of Good Cheer
it is hard But fair from your Nephew
George A. Reed Washington D C I hope you
have a Better opinion of Acton
Co. now we have 50 men we had a Lot
of Volunteers from Acton and Littleton join us
in Boston