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Civil War Records of Charles Wesley Parker


Grand Army of the Republic
Isaac Davis Post No. 138

Supplementary War Sketches

Diary of Charles W. Parker, p. 2

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April 29, 1864

Drew rations at Goldsboro. Three hundred hardtack and a little bacon. Arrived at Wilmington in the night,

April 30

Crossed the Cape Fear River early. Got no rations but a little rotten bacon - gave one dollar for a biscuit. Passed the left wing of sixteenth on another train.

May 1

Arrived at Charleston at eleven A.M. passed through the city on Spring Street. Had a glimpse of Fort Sumpter. How We longed to be there! Got near Savannah in the eve. Changed cars railroad grew better.

May 2

Pleasant. Arrived at Macon about three P.M. Pretty town. Got to Anderson at eight P.M. stopped near the station all night closely guarded

May 3

Still pleasant - formed into squads and marched into the Prison which is a stockade enclosing about eight acres No shelter from rain or hot sun about twelve thousand enclosed here and some of the worst looking specimens of humanity I ever saw.
Am sick at heart.

May 4

Hot still in prison. Rest of Regiment came to-day. Very small ration of meal and bacon. Gen. Howell Cobb inspected The prison to-day.

May 5

Pleasant - some escaped last night - got hunted down with blood hounds - did not catch them all Yanks too smart. Various rumors about exchange rations, the same mode - some meal dumplings for dinner.

May 7

Have a little wood to cook with. Getting a little more reconciled to my fate - drew cooked rations od a little corn-bread and meat.

May 8

Sunday. How I would like to be at home where I could attend church. Strange I ever prized such privileges so little. Got a bad headache, feel sick, exciting news from Richmond Longstreet reported wounded and we are to be exchanged. Saw sixteen dead bodies at the gate this A.M. horrid sight. Never thought men could be made such skeletons