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Civil War Records of Charles Wesley Parker


Grand Army of the Republic
Isaac Davis Post No. 138

Supplementary War Sketches

Diary of Charles W. Parker, p. 3

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May 10, 1864

Cloudy this morning - feel first rate little better rations last eve reported that Grant is repulsed at all points in the eve news quite the reverse. Can't believe all hear say Daily Papers have has all telegraph news cut out - so think we can shout for our side Saw twenty five dead at the gate.

May 13

Bright and pleasant - rations the same took bad cold in the rain. Cough and raised a good deal. Tunnel discovered dug beneath the Stockade.

May 15

Commenced the New Testament. One legged man, Hubert, shot by the guard.


Lovely weather. Got up early and done my washing. Blistered my hands - all sorts of news - plot laying to escape.

May 20

Drew few peas last night, were cooked so filthy could not eat them - am in good health and spirits yet. Wrote home to-day.

May 22

Sunday very warm - helped to catch a raider last night. He is now having one half his head and whiskers shaved off. More new prisoners from Richmond. Took lots of sick out to hospital.

May 23 and 24

Nine hundred more prisoners from Richmond - Quite hot. Hard to stand it with poor shelter we have. A lot went out yesterday to work on the new Stockade. Think I'll suffer a little more yet before I will go. One thousand more prisoners.

May 25

Some cloudy all the more pleasant for us. Expected a break last night - plot exposed by one of our own men and a warning Postal Rebels were awfully frightened. Six hundred more prisoners.

May 28

Drew a little rice last night, so bugy could not eat it. News to-day is that Grant is defeated with a loss of sixty thousand and the North refuses to furnish any more men. Butler asks for reinforcements but refused and about the same for Sherman. How ridiculous