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Grand Army of the Republic
Isaac Davis Post No. 138

Supplementary War Sketches
Daniel H. Adams, William Chaplin, Calvin Holbrook, Franklin R. Knowlton

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Daniel H. Adams

Henry A Tucker, William J. Wallace and William C Stimpson were also my comrades during service.

William Chaplin

At Fort Delaware, there were eight to ten thousand confined there. While in service, I was engaged in all marches and skirmishes of the Blackwater. My first discharge took place at Lowell, Mass.

Calvin N. Holbrook

I also consider the following events to be classed among my most important events while in the army. I had a few close calls. At the battle of the Wilderness, a comrade in coming to the tree where I stood, fell and dropped his gun, asked me if I could get it for him. I stepped out and he took my place and was instantly shot.

At Cold Harbor, our Regiment was in line of battle, lying on the ground awaiting orders. An orderly came to my Regiment, inquired for a certain officer and as I knew where to find the desired officer he handed me the dispatch to deliver and the orderly was killed as soon as he took my place

At Fort Davis, Va., I had charge of a squad of men, moving percussion shells, and one of the men, who had been drinking, struck at shell with a hammer. I put my hand over the cap and took the blow, preventing, I think, an explosion and the loss of some lives.

At the "Taking of Petersburg" my regiment was charging a fort, a grape shot passed between my left arm and body, cutting my clothes away from my arm and side and stunning me, for some time. I felt sure, at first, that I was killed

Franklin R. Knowlton

On June 18th, we sustained a loss that was greater than any other Regiment, on either side, in one engagement.