The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated February 1, 1864 from Lydia Lucindia Fletcher (mother), South Acton, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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                         South Acton Feb 1 1864

Dearest Son Jones  I received your
Letter of 10th of January and was glad you
was well and we are well and hope these
few Lines will find you well  I received
a greenback note in that Letter
and was thankfull for it and I hope
you wont be any poorer it for it, and a
paper of tenth of January  it is cold again
we have had no snow but ice and mud
and ice on the trees now  it has been very
pleasant for week  Like Spring weather
you wanted to know if E. Jones went
a fishing he has been once this winter
there has not been much fishing nor
hunting since you have been gone. E. Jones
caught 75 lb  he has not been a hunting
this winter  we have not heard of but one
fox being kill that Emory Symond kill
he went to his snares and he see a fox
and he fire and kill him he did not
hunt him that all we have heard of


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Lewis Fletcher and Augustus Fletcher
went a hunting at Second division
and the kill ten rabbits  that is
the most hunting we have heard of
our swamp is full of rabbits a waiting for
you to come home and kill them  Jones
you wanted to know I had one of queens
pups  No I sold them for five dollars
a piece. Swift gave me the money for they
got be lisenced  one dollar a head all dogs
have to be in town  we may have one by the
time you get home  I am glad you havnt
enlisted again  Father say he hope you wont
come home till you time is out he should hate
to have you go back again and you
could not stay more than ten days at home if come
has Charles Brooks gone with the company
tell John Putnam that his folks are well
and Martha wanted to know if John sent a Letter
in mine and tell him to write to Martha.
She has got tired of waiting for one
trias is well and fat Jones.


[p. 3]
the town hall was dedicatation with
a rush it would take right of[f] your feet
but we did not go  Jonathan went to the
ride and had a find time  they gave 4 dollar
[to] the School for the hall  the Boys gave 25 cents
the girls carried the grub  the 21 January
I had a Letter from Swift. he is well and
we have not heard from this month before.
We heard that Billy Reed is dead he died of fever
Varnum Robbins is fireman on Concord special train
Emma Robbins has got a beau Walter Gilman of
West Acton  she is bigger than ever was before
I have sold my straw braid and got two dollar
a hundred  I cant think of any more
this time for I cant keep my Lines.
Jonathan has write to you and give you
all the news I am so sleepy I cant
write any more to night. This from
A. Jones Fletcher