Not Afraid to Go: Acton’s Part in the Birth and Preservation of Our Nation


Baltimore Riot

The Baltimore Riot

This section tells the story of the Baltimore Riot, in which the 6th Massachusetts Militia was attacked by a Secessionist mob and suffered the first casualties from hostile fire of the Civil War on April 19, 1861. It includes the following items.
  • Map of route taken by 6th Massachusetts from President Street Station to Camden Street Station showing points where they came under attack.
  • Illustration from Harper's Weekly of troops being attacked by mob.
  • Photo of shako headgear worn by militia
  • Photo of Private Luther Ladd, of Lowell, Massachusetts, one of the four soldiers killed.
  • Letter from George Reed of Acton writing home from Washington on April 20th describing the Baltimore Riot.
  • Two photos of George Reed as a young man and as a G.A.R. veteran.
  • Photo of Gilman S. Hosmer of Acton, who survived the Baltimore Riot.
  • Photo of Alonzo Joy of Acton who was wounded by the mob in Baltimore.


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