Summer Reading Program 2022

This year's Summer Reading theme is:

Read Beyond the Beaten Path

Registration begins on June 22. The first 100 children to register in person will receive a free book!

Register for programs on our online calendar. (Click on picture to enlarge or download PDF)

R.J. Grey Junior High Library summer reading recommendations.

AML Children’s Summer Reading 2022 

June 22 is the first official day of the Summer Reading Program.


Each child who registers will be given a package containing:

  • a reading log
  • a bookmark
  • a brochure
  • a bingo sheet
  • 1 registration raffle ticket
  • 1 plain bead
  • 1 necklace chain

For every 15 minutes they read or are read to by an adult, they should fill in 1 circle. Only reading on or after June 22 counts. 

For every circle that gets filled in, the child receives 1 raffle ticket and 1 bead (see below).

When they complete the log, they will be given a Certificate of Completion and another log.

Beading and Reading:

  • 15 min    1 plain bead
  • 30 min    1 translucent (or exchange 2 plain beads)
  • 1 hour     1 heart-shaped/star-shaped bead (or exchange)
  • 4 hours   1 big animal/vehicle bead  (or exchange)
  • 8 hours   1 brag tag (an AML branded dogtag) -- only one each/patron

Summer Reading Bingo

    Completing a bingo counts for 5 raffle tickets.



Parents may also keep track of their children’s reading using the Beanstack app on their phones.

Raffle Tickets

Each 15 minutes of reading earns a child 1 raffle ticket. We will collect them in a box at the Children's Reference Desk.

There will be a weekly random drawing of a raffle ticket starting July 1.
The prizes are (in the order they will be given out):

  • 10    buttons
  • 5      t-shirts (various sizes)
  • 3     stuffed animal dragons

There are examples in the display case in the Children's Room.