Hoopla Ebooks: Passover

ABC Passover Hunt by Tilda Balsley (2016)

"A to Z, an alphabet Passover scene. Find all the letters in between! ABC Passover Hunt is a colorful, interactive, rhyming search for Passover foods, customs, and symbols."


All About Passover by Judyth Groner and Madeline Wikler (2000)

"Features the history and customs of Passover, including the story of the Exodus, all about chametz and matzah, the tradition of tzedakah at Passover, and an introduction to the seder. Includes favorite recipes."


Alligator Seder by Jessica Hickman (2020)

"They look for bits of chametz. They're good investigators. They're really just like you and me- except they're ALLIGATORS. A whimsical alligator family celebrates Passover."


Around the Passover Table by Tracy Newman (2019)

"The candles are lit, the seder plate filled, and the matzo stacked high. Join in to read, sing, eat, and observe the holiday. The many steps of a Passover seder are portrayed in this rhyming story."


The Best Four Questions by Rachelle Burk (2019)

"Marcy is finally old enough to ask The Four Questions at her family's Passover seder. She's sure when it's her time to shine, her questions will be the best ever. Though her four (funny) questions are not the ones in Haggadah, her family gently humors her with the answers before she and her brother go on to read the real Four Questions."


I Love Matzah by Freidele Galya Soban Biniashvili (2020)

"How many times a day and how many ways can one eat matzah, the quintessential Passover cracker? For a kid, it's all day, every day and in many ways!"


Passover by Grace Jones (2019)

"Passover is a festival celebrated by Jewish people for seven or eight days in April every year. Jewish people come together to celebrate a time in history when they were freed from slavery. Learn more about the history and traditions of this fascinating celebration in the Festivals around the World series."


Passover Is Coming! by Tracy Newman (2016)

"Readers join a cute family and their dog as they prepare for and celebrate the spring holiday of Passover, cleaning the house, making matzah ball soup, assembling the seder plate, saying the Four Questions, and looking for the afikomen at the end of the seder."


Sarah's Passover by Lisa Bullard (2012)

"Sarah is excited to celebrate Passover! She helps get the house ready. At the seder, the special Passover dinner, she asks The Four Questions. After dinner, the children hunt for the matzah that Grandpa has hidden. Find out how families celebrate this Jewish holiday of freedom!"


Welcoming Elijah by Lesléa Newman (2020)

"Inside, a boy and his family sit around the dinner table to embrace the many traditions of their Passover Seder around the dinner table. Outside, a cat wonders, hungry and alone. When it's time for the symbolic Passover custom of opening the family's front door for the prophet Elijah, both the boy and the cat are in for a remarkable surprise."