3D Printing Policy

Acton Memorial Library 3D Printing Policy

Like computer literacy, familiarity with 3D printing is fast becoming a 21st century necessity. Designing and printing solid objects teaches us how to mentally visualize in three dimensions, a skill that is crucial for all branches of science and technology. The Acton Memorial Library is happy that we can now offer this service.

A library patron may submit one 3D model file per week to be printed by library staff.

These files should be saved in the STL format.

Patrons may make print requests by filling out the form at:   bit.ly/actonlib3D

When a print request is approved by library staff, it will be added to a queue in the order in which it was approved.

When a print job is complete, the library will notify the patron via email. The patron may pick up the printed object at the Children’s Desk within one week of being notified.

The cost for 3D printing is $0.25/hour as estimated by Flashprint, the 3D printing software.

This nominal fee is due when the patron picks up the object.

The library will not approve print requests that are illegal under local, state, or federal law;or unsafe or dangerous. Patrons are responsible for complying with copyright restrictions. The library may deny a print request if, in its judgment, fulfillment of the request would lead to violation of copyright law.

The library reserves the right to decline any print job.

Some print jobs may be too intricate for the library’s 3D printer to handle. If a print job fails twice, the library will move on to the next job in the queue. We will not print models that take over 6 hours to complete.