Friends of Pine Hawk Speakers List

Town of Acton

  • Doug Halley, Acton's former Health Dept. Director, has been the chief town contact for the site and is a frequent speaker on this topic. He also oversaw the design of the award-winning Pine Hawk & Native American exhibit in Acton's Town Hall. Tom Tidman, Natural Resources Dept. Director, is also very familiar with Pine Hawk (and many other historic Acton sites). Town Hall is at 472 Main Street, Acton.
  • A number of staff in the Acton Public Schools have worked to introduce familiarity with Pine Hawk and Native American subjects. Curriculum Specialist Eileen Sullivan is a very good school resource. 
  • Former Acton Memorial Library Trustee Bob Ferrara founded the Friends of Pine Hawk and has stayed actively involved all along. 

Museum and External Contacts

  • The Children's Discovery Museum and the Science Discovery Museum in Acton have been very involved in the Friends of Pine Hawk. Denise LeBlanc, Education Director for the Museums, has developed hands-on programs that explore the science of stone tool manufacturing and the methods that archaeologists use to uncover and interpret clues about Native American ways of life. The Museums are located 177 Main Street in South Acton, a block from the train station. For hours and attractions, see the web site at or call 978-264-4200. 
  • Archaeologist Craig Chartier is a frequent speaker and has a talent to engage audiences of all ages. Among his other talents, he teaches stone knapping and other techniques that Native American used to create their tools. 
  • The Concord Museum has an excellent Native American collection and related activities. Museum staff also conduct classes for schools and public programs with Museum-owned stone tools. These classes can be for children, for adults or as an adult/child experience. Dr. Shirley Blancke, who is affiliated with the Museum, is noted expert on Native American history. The Museum is located just outside Concord Center. For hours and attractions, see the web site is at or call 978-369-9763.
  • Doug Harris, Deputy, Tribal Historic Preservation Officer for the Narragansett Indian Tribal Historic Preservation Office (phone 401-539-1190). Doug is a very good speaker with an intimate knowledge of Native American history in our region and many of its sacred places. He has given talks in our area that were very well received.

Additional Friends of Pinehawk Resources

  • From the Nipmuc Nation, Bruce Curliss and Tribal Historic Preservation Officer Rae Gould have been great resources. Rae can be reached at the Nipmuc Nation Tribal Office in Sutton, MA.


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